Get Paid in Crypto Easily Every Pay Day!

There is nothing better for cryptocurrency believers than to keep adding more coins to their existing stack. Now, there is a service that easily helps you buy and increase your cryptocurrency savings automatically every month - in a coin of your choosing!

In the upcoming weeks, Cornerstone Global Management is looking to unveil its newest service “Crypto Pay and Pension Plan” (CP3ME). This service will allow employees to be automatically paid some or all of their salary in crypto on every payday. The coins that they are offering now are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero. With David Schwartz, director of the Litecoin Foundation, as the CEO, users can expect great things from this new service.

CP3ME offers a great solution for existing cryptocurrency users who can now choose more options to get paid by and can grow their coins savings automatically. On the other hand, CP3ME will definitely make it easier for newcomers to get their hands on cryptocurrency and adopt it into their daily lives seamlessly.

CP3ME is getting set up as we speak and will be first available for US employees soon (more countries to come). If you are interested in getting your salary in cryptocurrency, contact them HERE. (

Amidst this great development in cryptocurrency future, ELLIPAL has been chosen to be the preferred Cold/Warm storage wallet for the CP3ME project. From the words of CEO David Schwartz: “thanks to the high-level security of the ELLIPAL and its ease of use, choosing ELLIPAL to be the go-to wallet for CP3ME users is not a hard choice”. With this partnership, CP3ME users can have their crypto payment sent directly to their ELLIPAL wallet and store securely offline until they need it.

We at ELLIPAL are looking forward and excited for CP3ME to go live. If you are an employee in the US and wished to be easily paid in your favorite coin, this is the best solution you cannot miss.

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