ELLIPAL Adds Link to Hedge Inside Titan Cold Storage Wallet for Users

ELLIPAL Adds Link to Hedge Inside Titan Cold Storage Wallet for Users

We are excited to announce that ELLIPAL (ellipal.com), creator of the Titan wallet, has added Hedge to their short list of partners displayed within the ‘Discover’ area of their app!  ELLIPAL will display Hal, the Hedge mascot, as an icon within their app, allowing users of the Titan cold storage wallet to access a co-branded page introducing them to Hedge and providing them an opportunity to sign up for the automated pay conversion service (US residents only at this time) through their link.

The ELLIPAL Titan wallet is an air gapped, anti-disassembly cold storage wallet that allows you to store, stake and trade within the wallet through their strategic partnerships, which now include Hedge.

“I’ve been using an ELLIPAL Titan as my ‘go to’ cold storage wallet since 2018 and highly recommend them for anyone who likes the idea of not having to be connected to a laptop in order to use or view their cold storage coins,” said David Schwartz, Co-Founder of Hedge. “For them to be the first to do this in their genre of wallets was a no-brainer and I’m glad we have been able to make this a reality.  I can’t wait to see how many people decide to sign up through Ellipal, and have their pay converted and sent to their Ellipal wallets.”

As Hedge is introduced to additional geographic areas throughout 2022 and beyond, ELLIPAL will have positioned themselves to take advantage of this growth through its user base that has already seen well over 50,000 downloads of their wallet app.

If you’re someone who enjoys an easy user interface to go along with knowing your coins are safe through the private keys that you own and control, go to the ellipal.com website today and see why the Hedge team is excited about this new partnership!

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I think that’s great for both sides

Manuel Rosario

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