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  • ELLIPAL Version 1.6 Firmware and Mobile App Upgrade — Major Changes
  • ELLIPAL released open source JavaScript lib & web app demo
  • Why Cryptocurrency is Popular in South Korea — ELLIPAL x PalletOne Partnership
  • What’s The Newest Innovation in Blockchain Security? — Next Generation Hardware Wallet Accepted by Users Worldwide
  • ELLIPAL vs. Ledger Nano S — What to know before getting an ELLIPAL
1) Account System Update
You are now able to manage multiple currencies within one account in contrast to the previous 1.5 where you would need one account for each currency. For each account, only one set of mnemonics is needed to generate multiple currency addresses. This will greatly help users to simplify their asset management.
In response to popular demands from our customers, we have worked hard to add 7 new currencies to our support list. (Note: USDT is shown as a “sub-coin” under BTC). This upgrade will be included in both the ELLIPAL cold wallet and the App.
3) Support Keystore and Secret Seed Import
In version 1.5 we allow account to be imported via mnemonics and private keys. In version 1.6 you can import accounts through Keystore for ETH and ETC, and secret seed for XRP.
4) Newly Redesigned UI
To accommodate the changes, we redesigned our UI to look better and also to further improve user experience. Home page is changed from one account — one currency to one account — multiple currencies. Sign, connect and receive lay out also have been changed to accommodate the new account system.
5) ELLIPAL App Upgrade
The App has undergone similar UI changes as the ELLIPAL with some extra features, such as the new asset statistics tool which gives users a good overview of all their assets in one convenient screen.
So, what do you think about ELLIPAL 1.6 update? Anything you would want us to add in our next update? Let us know in the comments or join our telegram: https://t.me/ellipalglobal
ELLIPAL's secure hardware wallet keeps the user’s private keys isolated from any kind of wired or wireless connections outside the wallet. The hardware is a signing device. The only way to exchange data of tx to be signed and signed is QR code scanning, which is a clear and simple process by the user.
To enable 3rd parties to integrate ELLIPAL's hardware to provide more services to end users, ELLIPAL developed open source JavaScript lib which can be used to deal with full functions of account management, balance checking and sending coins or tokens. The lib and demo work in web browsers on PC(Chrome), Mac(Safari), Android(Chrome) and iPhone(Safari). The lib can also be integrated into web-based service or mobile Apps via web view or nodejs.
Please find the source code on github: https://github.com/ELLIPAL/js-ellipal
The South Koreans are responsible for a third of all Bitcoin trades that happened last year.
Cryptocurrency has been a hot topic in South Korea for a while now. This Asian country just emerged as one of the top cryptocurrency markets last year. The South Koreans are the ones responsible for a third of all Bitcoin trades happened last year. Their influence in the cryptocurrency market is also so strong that the price of Ripple, which is very popular in South Korea, crashed the beginning of this year as a popular exchange website did not include trading data from South Korea.
There are many reasons why South Koreans widely accept cryptocurrency. South Korea has always been early adopters of the best and newest technologies, whether it is social networks, video games or high speed internet. South Korea is also very developed in terms of mobile payment infrastructure which prepared them well for digital currencies like Bitcoin. These reasons are probable explanations why South Korea openly adopted cryptocurrency — a similar story to Japan, who is also one of Asia’s leading countries for cryptocurrency.
However, with South Korea, the reasons may lie deeper than their familiarity with new technology. Economic and political problems also fuel this acceptance for cryptocurrency. Whatever the reasons are, it is certain that South Korea will be a nation that will lead the way in cryptocurrency becoming mainstream.
PalletOne, a blockchain company, has seen this as a great opportunity to carry out their ICO in South Korea. PalletOne is a distributed inter-chain protocol for abstract level ledger ecosystem. This means PalletOne can act as a mediator to provide seamless cross-chain transactions without the user having to go through complex exchange operations and high fees. D Apps built on the PalletOne platform can be flexible with their payment method (multiple currencies) without any fees, thanks to the inter-chain protocol. PalletOne can also be the best platform for sharing investment strategies by allowing users to create their own ETFs. Lastly, PalletOne’s data storage infrastructure uses DAG structure which will enables PalletOne to process great volume of transactions.
PalletOne is definitely an ICO that with massive potential. As many coins work on their own blockchain, an inter-chain protocol is needed to provide easy exchange between them. Its core team is made up of talented and experienced members who are all blockchain technology experts and it has already secured multiple rounds of capital funding. For a project with such potential, ELLIPAL is providing PalletOne with a secure solution for PalletOne investors to store their coins, hence the ELLIPAL — PalletOne partnership.
With ELLIPAL’s security solution, PalletOne’s holders will able to hold their coin safely in the ELLIPAL wallet and enjoy the freedom of managing the coins through ELLIPAL’s unique QR code technology and App.
PalletOne is carrying out its ICO in Seoul, South Korea, on October 28th. They will be joined by ELLIPAL who will be showcasing their security solution.
Just a week ago, a cryptocurrency exchange in Japan got hacked again, losing over $60 million worth of coins.In just the first half of 2018 alone, Japan has already lost around $540 million to hacking. About 95% of that was lost through exchanges and the rest through personal wallets. Whichever is the case, it has been proven that it is unsafe to keep coins either on exchanges or on other online wallets.
It is understandable that many people do not choose to keep their coins in hardware wallets simply because it is inconvenient. It is much better to be able to trade instantly right out of their mobile phones. Another reasons is that because hardware wallets are complicated to use people are scared of losing control of their coins.
ELLIPAL has created a hardware wallet that answers both of these questions. ELLIPAL is convenient, works with mobile phone and is extremely easy to use, not to mention it is impossible to hack. In this article, we will compare the newly released ELLIPAL with the current market leader — the Ledger Nano S.
Up to this point we can see that most of the Ledger’s function relies on PC to work. Operating with just two small buttons the device can also take time to get used to. Moreover, the configuration process takes time and is difficult. These cause many cryptocurrency investors choose not to switch to a hardware wallet as it is inconvenient and complex. ELLIPAL solves this dilemma between convenience and safety by creating a hardware wallet that works with a mobile phone App and requires no complex setting up thanks to its state-of-the-art security system. In the second part of the article, we will discuss the security of both devices and how they keep private keys safe offline.
In conclusion, the Ledger’s safety is well trusted and proven throughout the world. To match this, ELLIPAL has followed and developed its own unique security system that can protect the user from any hacking attempts while accommodating mobile support. One major difference though, is that ELLIPAL has no physical connection to the network whatsoever while the Ledger is physically connected to PC through the USB cable. This can protect the ELLIPAL from various forms of attacks that is possible through USB cables.
While the Ledger has been here for longer and has gained a well-earned reputation, ELLIPAL is here to answer user’s needs that were not met by the Ledger with newer and more user friendly technology. With its QR code technology and mobile App support, using ELLIPAL is fast, efficient, safe and easy. These, apart from safe, are qualities that are rarely thought about when thinking of the Ledger. There is no doubt that ELLIPAL is the product that will contribute greatly to the block-chain community and become worthy partners (Pals) of many investors. ELLIPAL will continue to work hard to satisfy more needs and lead the way to a safer and better ecosystem.
email: info@ellipal.com
Telegram: https://t.me/ellipalglobal
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ellipalwallet
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ellipalclub
Users can order the ELLIPAL directly from www.order.ellipal.com or learn more at www.ellipal.com
“Compared to the Ledger Nano S, ELLIPAL’s mobile-oriented design is much more user friendly”. — Du Wei — CEO Coinwallet
ELLIPAL is a new generation cryptocurrency hardware wallet. It focuses on being the safest and most convenient hardware wallet in the world, giving mobile phone users a one-stop, secure, hardware wallet. ELLIPAL finished its crowd-funding campaign over a month ago, having reached 550% of its goal. This success was due to ELLIPAL’s vision to tackle the lingering problems that have been bothering many hardware wallet users, resulting in massive interest given by hardware wallet users worldwide.
Traditional hardware wallets have to be connected to a PC via USB cables in order to be accessed which can be very inconvenient. Moreover, they are difficult to set up and use resulting in many not choosing to use a hardware wallet. They would rather risk getting hacked than using a device they do not understand. What ELLIPAL developed is a hardware wallet that works with mobile phones, supports all daily transaction needs, is easy to use and offers great value. These features are never before seen in the hardware wallet market today, making this a next generation wallet — ELLIPAL — Coldwallet 2.0.
Utilizing QR code technology, ELLIPAL has developed a system that allows private keys and blockchain information to be transferred efficiently without any connection. This not only increases the convenience and portability, it surprisingly upgrades the hardware wallet’s safety to the next level. Without any connection, the ELLIPAL becomes completely isolated, making it impossible to hack or get any information stolen.
ELLIPAL has already been supported and used by many users worldwide. Users have given feed back like : “works perfectly”, “works anywhere”, “cool design”, “great support team” and more. ELLIPAL’s goal now is to expand to even more countries and support even more coins. The team at ELLIPAL is looking forward to a very exciting time ahead.
Countries that ELLIPAL has shipped to include: USA, UK, France, Spain, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.
ELLIPAL has also partnered with experts and famous third parties to help review the ELLIPAL. More and more experts have been contacting ELLIPAL to ask for review opportunities. A word from Mr. Deweig, CEO of Coinwallet, a major hardware wallet distributor: “ELLIPAL, as a new hardware wallet brand, brings us a new and improved security design to keep user's assets safe. Compared to Ledger, ELLIPAL’s mobile-oriented design is much more user friendly”.
Now, ELLIPAL is fully in mass production and is ready to ship to user's worldwide from its home base: Hong Kong. ELLIPAL will stand to support its users and dedicate itself to connecting everyone safely and conveniently to the blockchain. ELLIPAL is always open to support its customers and hear their voices. Users can connect with us through:
email: info@ellipal.com
Telegram: https://t.me/ellipalglobal
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ellipalwallet
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ellipalclub
Users can order the ELLIPAL directly from www.order.ellipal.com or learn more at www.ellipal.com
  • 1.ELLIPAL Version 1.7 Update Guide
  • 2.Security guarantee of ELLIPAL firmware upgrade process
  • 3.How to create an account?
  • 4. How can I restore my account by mnemonics?
  • 5. How can I import an account through the private key?
  • 6.How to connect to cold wallet?
  • 7.How to create an account on APP?
  • 8. How to import an account?
  • 9. What to do if your Iphone untrusted updated ELLIPAL App?
  • 10. How to add ERC 20 tokens to ELLIPAL?
Click here to download the update file for ELLIPAL firmware version 1.7
ELLIPAL Version 1.7 update includes both hardware wallet and companion App.
Hardware Wallet Update Guide
1. Prepare a blank MicroSD card. The card must be formatted in FAT32. Note: cards larger than 32G cannot be formatted in FAT32 on Windows PC.
2. Download the latest ELLIPAL_V1.7.0.bin file and the corresponding hash.txt file from the official website (www.ellipal.com) to your computer. (You would need winrar or winzip to extract the zipfile)
3. While the ELLIPAL is off, Insert the SD card into the ELLIPAL and restart device.
4. Please choose one of the following update options depending on your current version of the ELLIPAL Cold Wallet. (If you just recieved your ELLIPAL, it is version 1.5)
1.Upgrade from 1.5 to 1.7
① Cold wallet without an account:
Create an account first (This can be anything, you may delete later)->Select Settings->Update cold wallet. The upgrade file should be detected, follow the user interface to start the update process. . When the update is finished, the cold wallet will automatically restart. (Make sure the battery level is more than 30% before the update.)
② Cold wallet with an existing account:
Select Settings->Update cold wallet. The upgrade file should be detected, follow the user interface to start the update process. . When the update is finished, the cold wallet will automatically restart. (Make sure the battery level is more than 30% before the update.)
2.Upgrade from 1.6 to 1.7
Select Settings->Update cold wallet. The upgrade file should be detected, follow the user interface to start the update process. . When the update is finished, the cold wallet will automatically restart. (Make sure the battery level is more than 30% before the update.)
ELLIPAL App Update Guide:
You can update your ELLIPAL App through any one of these methods.
1. On ELLIPAL App -> My -> About Us -> New Version Detected -> Update to new version.
2. Visit ELLIPAL official web
1. The *.bin format upgrade file released by ELLIPAL is an encrypted file. The sha256 hash value of the *.bin file is stored in Hash.txt and is used to detect that the *.bin file has not been tampered with.
2. In order to ensure that the bin file and hash are not tampering at the same time, ELLIPAL applies the bitcoin signature to sign the hash. The content of signature is saved in Hash.txt, next to the hash. Anyone can verify the hash signature by ELLIPAL's bitcoin address(16VbmSZz1XMijBVsAJkNmZJfZBWWJUP9R2) to confirm if the *.bin file was sent by ELLIPAL.
3. The verification code for the signature can be found on ELLIPAL github (https://github.com/ELLIPAL). Since we have applied standard Bitcoin signature, you can also verify the signature result by any tool you are familiar with.
Open your cold wallet, click ‘Add Account’ > ‘Create Account’, then follow the instructions to fill in the required Information to create an account and back up the mnemonics.
Open your cold wallet, click ‘Add Account’ > ‘Recovery via mnemonics’, fill in the information as prompted to complete the recovery
Open your cold wallet, click ‘Add Account’> ‘import by private key’, fill in the information as prompted to complete the import
Click ‘asset’ > ‘+’ > ‘connect to cold wallet’, then open the cold wallet , choose your account, click ‘connect to APP’ and use the APP to scan the QR code.
Click ‘asset’ > + >, ‘create account’ , then fill in the information according to the APP prompts to create an account and backup mnemonic. NOTE: For your crypto assets safe, ELLIPAL strongly recommends you to create an account on ELLIPAL cold wallet and then connect it to the APP.
Click ‘asset’ > ‘+’ > ‘import account’, then fill in the information and import the account according to the APP prompt
On your iphone, click 'settings'-'General'-Device Management'- 'AiDian Multimedia Technology CO., LTD.' -'Trust'-OK
Open your ELLIPAL App and choose your ETH account – Add assets – ‘+’ –‘ Add more’ – search by token name or paste token contract address – Add - Added. PS, token contract address can be found via https://etherscan.io/ . For more help, join telegram group for direct communication https://t.me/ellipalglobal
  • How to update ELLIPAL hardware wallet?
  • UnBox
  • How to set up your ELLIPAL?
  • How to make transaction?
  • How to exchange coins on ELLIPAL?

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