ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet – Securing a Better Tomorrow

It doesn't matter if we are in a bull market or a bear market, every investor of cryptocurrency should be aware and educated about the safety of their coins. Hacking and stealing can happen at any moment and it can cost you the whole portfolio. The method to date to prevent any attacks on your cryptocurrency is to use a Cold Wallet.


Cold Wallets are hardware equipment that is designed to be completely offline. You can deposit cryptocurrencies into the cold wallets and your coins will be secure. However, there are many choices in the market when it comes to cold wallets, which choice would be the best?


Choosing The Best For Your Crypto


ELLIPAL has been manufacturing one of the best cryptocurrency cold wallets since 2018. Their product, the ELLIPAL Titan, is not only highly secure but it is also very functional. It allows users to still trade cryptocurrencies freely while not compromising any security thanks to its special technology.


Full Protection Against Online Attacks

ELLIPAL Titan is a total air-gapped device meaning it cannot be connected to the internet or any other devices. It is isolated from any network connection such as 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, and USB. The user’s private key is never exposed to the internet. Because it is impossible to connect the ELLIPAL Titan to the internet or other devices, hackers will not be able to steal any cryptocurrency remotely.


Full Protection Against Physical Attacks

Cold Wallets cannot be hacked remotely but they can be hacked physically. Hacking can be done easily by simply cracking open the device body to access the chip inside. However, ELLIPAL Titan got this covered by featuring a new anti-disassembly and anti-tampering design that effectively protects the hardware against physical attacks. Through a fully sealed strong metal body that can’t be opened, the whole hardware is protected from any attempt of physical intrusion. At the same time, ELLIPAL has developed a new tampering detection system to automatically delete all user’s privacy data if brute-force dismantling is detected. In addition, the new product supports an IP65 dust-proof and waterproof rating for extra durability.


Full circle security from online to offline is what makes ELLIPAL stands out from the rest of the competitors.


Works Harmonically With Mobile App


As the ELLIPAL Titan is air-gapped, it is designed to work together with a mobile APP. The APP can be downloaded onto any smartphone and works as an online proxy for the offline ELLIPAL Titan. 


The information transfer between the always-offline ELLIPAL Titan and the APP is streamlined by using QR code scanning. Not only it is convenient to just scan QR codes, but it is also incredibly secure as it can keep the ELLIPAL Titan air-gapped even during transactions.


Best User Experience


ELLIPAL has been praised for creating simple and easy-to-use products since 2018. The mobile APP that works with the ELLIPAL Titan helps users to manage their coins anytime and anywhere. The one-stop APP provides all the necessary functions for a blockchain investor: trade, conversion, market quotes, news, DEX, DEFI Apps, NFTs, earning, and staking. Compared with the traditional hardware wallet, ELLIPAL Titan has a large touch screen that makes users conveniently use all functions and verify transactions by only clicking the colored screen. A truly amazing device for both amateur and professional investors.




Now ELLIPAL has added native support for 40 TOP coins and all ERC20, BSC, TRC, and EOS tokens. All 40 TOP coins include BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, LTC, DOT, ADA, KSM, USDT, TRX, XLM, DASH, DOGE, DGB, and many more. More coins will be added every month. It is difficult to find other wallets that support this many currencies.


Connection to DeFi - DEX, NFTs, and more


Thanks to the development of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), the ELLIPAL Titan wallet is now a perfect tool for investors. Every well-known DAPPS such as UNISWAP, SUSHISWAP, PANCAKE SWAP, OPENSEAS can be accessed directly from the ELLIPAL and connect with your addresses. Users of the ELLIPAL can buy DeFi tokens, farm, stake, buy/sell NFTs, and more directly from the security of the ELLIPAL Wallet. It is a game-changer.


Securing a Better Tomorrow


ELLIPAL Titan still has many more functions to increase security and functionality such as setting multiple passwords, setting passphrases, and showing price charts. It is one of the best cryptocurrency gadgets of 2021 that will keep your cryptocurrency secure for decades to come.

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