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ELLIPAL Partners with HonestNode

ELLIPAL have made deep strategic cooperation with HonestNode, centralized blockchain technology.

ELLIPAL has officially integrated USDH stable coin which allows users to store, send and trade USDH in the ELLIPAL anytime, anywhere. ELLIPAL is a mobile-oriented cold wallet. It is fully isolated from any connections, securely storing private keys and protecting users' cryptocurrency.

USDH stable currency is based on a mature public chain, which security cannot be tampered with and is regulated by the US government. USDH is a stable coin for real-world application. It provides the most reliable and convenient digital asset security protection services for users around the world. People can safely store their assets and provide comprehensive and reliable protection services for the blockchain ecosystem.

USDH is jointly issued by HonestNode and the US Trust Company, Prime Trust. It is 1:1 redeemed with the US dollar. Each USDH has a corresponding $1 pledged in the bank's regulatory account and is regularly issued by one of the largest accounting firms in the United States, Cohen & Co. HonestNode is committed to making USDH a stable currency that is truly valuable in the real world. It can be used in payment and remittance scenarios to make financing safe, efficient, low-cost and unimpeded.


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