Are Your Keys Offline?


Most hardware wallets rely on USB, Bluetooth and WiFi to work.


Do you ever wondered if there is a possibility of your keys being lost through those connections?

Hardware Wallet not safe

Connecting an offline hardware wallet to an online computer can mean risks!


So what is the solution?

ELLIPAL Is An Fully Air-Gapped Hardware Wallet

ELLIPAL does not need any USB, Bluetooth or WiFi connection to work.

It is completely offline

It is impossible for anyone to access your private keys through any networks



ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet

How ELLIPAL does its transactions completely offline?

ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet QR Code


ELLIPAL Hardware wallet App

ELLIPAL App helps user manage your assets on the go and keep up with news and interesting projects

Send, receive and exchange coins any where and any time

ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet Exchange
ELLIPAL Hardware wallet coins

ELLIPAL now supports 20 coins and all ERC20, TRC20, TRC10 tokens. New coins added every month