App Basic Feature

1. Sign up App

Profile - Login/sign Up-Sign up now - Fill in the required Information

2. Withdraw CCT

Profile - Tasks and Rewards - Fill in the required information - Submit

Once the submitted is successful, it will arrive within 24 hours and you can see your CCT balance in the ETH tokens.

Please note: CCT minimum withdraw quantity is 70


3. Markets

ELLIPAL App-Market

Real-time tickers, Pro-level charts, Project introduction


4. Discover


ELLIPAL App-Discover

Express news , Announcements



5. Check the version




6. How to create a hot wallet


a. Assets - click the “ ”- Add account - Create Account - fill in required information - Backup mnemonic

b.Verify mnemonic-Select-coins-Complete

Please note:

As shown in the figure below, the hot wallet is displayed in orange, the cold wallet is displayed in blue, and watch wallet is displayed in gray.

7. How to export your hot wallet

Assets-click“ ”- choose hot wallet account  -click“  ” - Choose the way you want to export  - enter password-export