8.Why do Stellar addresses have a minimum balance requirement?

All Stellar addresses are required to keep a minimum balance of XLM at all times. The current minimum is 1 XLM, which is set by the Stellar network. The minimum balance requirement is in place in order to prevent people from overwhelming the network and to aid in prioritization. The first use of a new Stellar address must be to receive at least 1 XLM. This will activate the address and allow it to be used in further transactions on the network. You will never be able to send your entire balance from your Stellar address. That 1 XLM minimum will always have to be kept as a balance.


9.What if I lose my mnemonics?

Unfortunately if you cannot retrieve your mnemonics or send your funds elsewhere via an installed wallet, you are out of luck. ELLIPAL does not have the power to get your funds back. This technological limit is intentional, because otherwise ELLIPAL could simply confiscate customer funds at any time.


10.Can my transaction be canceled or reversed?

No, we're unable to cancel or reverse your transaction.

Even many advanced cryptocurrency users can recall an incident when they failed to double-check their transaction details and they accidentally sent funds to the wrong recipient, or sent the wrong amount. As unfortunate as it is, cryptocurrency transactions on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash networks are designed to be irreversible and we have no control over them.

Knowing this, it's extremely important to make sure your transaction details are correct before you click send.


11.Why are BTC miner fees so high?

Bitcoin miner fees rise (or fall) due to bitcoin network demand and limited bitcoin network space.


12.How does gas affect transaction confirmation?

If a transaction needs to be confirmed urgently or as soon as possible, a higher gas price should be included with the transaction.If the gas limit is set too low, a transaction can fail, or get rejected, which would result in losing the gas paid for the transaction. If a transaction is processed before the limit is reached, the rest of the gas will be returned to the sending wallet.


13.Why Do You Need to Pay BTC While Sending USDT ?

If you are sending USDT via a wallet, you should be asked to pay some bitcoin as miner fee. This is because USDT is a cryptocurrency asset issued on the Bitcoin blockchain via the Omni Layer Protocol(Use OP_RETURN in Bitcoin transaction to store USDT transaction information). Therefore, an USDT transaction is actually a bitcoin transaction. Consequently, it needs to pay a bit of bitcoin as the miner fee for an USDT transaction.


14.What if I lose the password or my wallet is damaged or lost?

Mnemonice is the only and sure way to recover your accounts in case of physical loss or damage,or when you forget your password.Neither the mnemonice nor your password is  stored in the wallet,therefore,they cannt not be stolen.Keep your mnemonics in a safe place and you can rest assured of your funds.


15.Why Is My Mnemonic Phrase Invalid When I Import It?

If a prompt telling you your mnemonic phrases were invalid appears when you import them into the ELLIPAL Wallet, it means that the software does not recognize the mnemonic phrases you imported. There are several possible reasons for this occurring:

The imported mnemonic phrases is not the right English words. You wrote or recorded the wrong phrases due to case-insensitivity or other reasons.
Incorrect wallet path.

The problem can be identified in three ways:

Check that mnemonic phrases are entered correctly. You can use the public standards of BIP39 to find spelling errors: 

Make sure the pharses are separated by spaces, not by line breaks.
Select the first wallet path by default.

Contact us for help: 


Send Email - info@ellipal.com