ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet NDA

 ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet NDA for the bounty program

You should carefully read the entire contents of this agreement before submitting vulnerability or intelligence information. Unless you accept the terms of this agreement, please do not click "ok" and do not submit any vulnerability or intelligence information. Once you click "confirm", it means that you have agreed and accepted the terms of this agreement.

This agreement is entered into by and between the security researchers (hereinafter referred to as "you") who submit vulnerability or intelligence information through this website and ELLIPAL co., LTD.

Through friendly consultation, the two parties have reached the following agreement:

  1. The parties agree that "confidential information" shall mean all information, including but not limited to:(1) Any business/technology data or information is not publicly known in connection with this agreement or ELLIPAL , such as computer programs, source code, algorithms, expertise, methods, ways, procedures, ideas, inventions (whether or not patented), charts, and other technical, commercial, financial, and product development plan, budget, strategy and other related information;(2) Information related to vulnerability and intelligence that has been and will be submitted to ELLIPAL SRC(security response center), including but not limited to the name, description, address, discovery process, screenshot of proof, log of vulnerability testing process, vulnerability hazards and other information.
  1. You agree that: 1) the confidential information shall be protected consciously and all necessary confidentiality measures shall be taken;2) not to disclose such confidential information to the public or any third party; 3) never use such confidential information under any circumstances without written consent of ELLIPAL; 4) confidential information shall not be copied (including in the form of paper, software or electronic documents), reverse-engineered, decompiled, or attempted to decode the original code and potential information; 5) shall not make public or non-public comments on the vulnerabilities and intelligence information involved in this agreement in any capacity and in any way. If you are unable to confirm whether the information is confidential, you will also protect such information as confidential information.
  1. If the confidential information is used or disclosed without authorization, or you violate this agreement, you will immediately notify ELLIPALin writing, and assist ELLIPALin taking back the confidential information in various forms to prevent further infringement of the confidential information.
  1. Confidentiality obligation of confidential information will last until the date of disclosure of confidential information by ELLIPAL.
  1. Without the ELLIPAL’s prior written approval, you may not make any comments and publicity about this agreement content, partnership, or in the name of the ELLIPAL. And you shall not use the name of ELLIPAL, any matters relating to the brand, logo, etc, otherwise, you should compensate ELLIPAL all losses, and eliminate the influence.
  1. You hereby confirm that any unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential information will cause irreparable loss and important infringement to ELLIPAL. Such unauthorized disclosure will cause you or any third party that constitutes unfair competition to cause damage to ELLIPAL that will be irreparable. In addition to all legal compensation, ELLIPAL shall have the right to apply to the court of competent jurisdiction for an injunction or appropriate remedy for any actual or potential breach of this agreement based on reasonable judgment. You agree to indemnify ELLIPAL in full for all losses and damages (including but not limited to attorney fees) that may be suffered due to the breach of contract or compulsory obligations or unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential information.
  1. If any provision of this agreement is invalid or unenforceable due to the violation of laws and regulations, other parts of this agreement shall remain valid except the invalid or unenforceable part.