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ELLIPAL Titan Mini Bundle

CC EAL5+ upgraded security
The Titan Mini Bundle is the ultimate hardware wallet combination for the next generation of WEB3, offering top-notch protection against online and offline attacks while backing up your seed phrase

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Supported Crypto Assets

ELLIPAL Titan Mini manages NFTs, and support over 10,000 coins & tokens.
Including Bitcoin, Ethereum (all ERC20), Ada, XRP and more.

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Technical Specs

  • Main Features
    Connector: QR Code, Air-gapped
    Update: Offline (Micro SD card)
    Secure Element: CC EAL5+
    Coin Store memory: Unlimited
    ELLIPAL APP: Android & iOS
  • Dimensions
    Size: 75*71*10.5mm
    Weight: 112g
    Material: Fully metal sealed
    Camera: 2.4M AF
    LCD: 2.4 inches HD
    Battery: 600 mAh
    Standby Time: 50 hours
    Storage temperature: -20°C to 70°C
  • Box Contents
    1* Hardware Wallet
    1* Type-C Charging Cord
    1* Security Adapter
    1* Micro SD Card
    1* User Manual
    2* Seed Phrase Recovery Sheets
    1* ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Steel

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Security Way to Protect Your Crypto Assets

Self-custody & Decentralization

As self-custodial wallets, ELLIPAL Titan Mini cold wallet allows you to have full control of your private keys without risking account withdrawal being suspended from any centralized exchanges.

Dual-Layer Defense with CC EAL 5+ Secure Element

Sleep soundly with ELLIPAL Mini's unmatched security. Our cutting-edge technology and integrated security chip (EAL5+)  ensure your crypto assets are safe and secure.

Your crypto, your control—entirely secure!

Long-lasting protection

ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Steel recovers your wallet account at anytime. It's made of 316 steel. It's waterproof and resistant to high temperatures, up to 2649.2°F (1454°C), as well as strong acids.

Your seed recovery phrases are forever secured, a lasting assurance for you.


Pocket-Sized & Easy to Setup

The ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Steel is a pocket-sized stainless steel device designed to securely store the important data of your choice with no need for specialised tools or third-party involvement.

Mobile Friendly & One-stop Service

By scanning the QR code with a quipped camera, the ELLIPAL Titan Mini could interface with ELLIPAL Mobile APP which makes it perfectly adapted to iOS/Android mobile phones.

Supporting NFTs and over 10000+ coins & tokens, ELLIPAL helps you manage your crypto assets securely, easily and intuitively. Explore full coin list >>

Ensuring Crypto Assets Are Always Safe

The ELLIPAL Titan Mini and Seed Phrase Steel form an unbeatable combination of digital security and robust physical safeguarding.

Choose the Ellipal Titan Mini Bundle, and you're not just buying a product, you're investing in peace of mind.

  • ELLIPAL_Titan_Mini_Firmware_update

    Offline Firmware Update

    Only need 3 minutes update offline with SD card to the latest version.

  • Ellipal_Titan_Mini_Secret_Second_Account

    Secret Secondary Wallet Option

    Setup alternate accounts that shows up when the wallet is unlocked with your alternate password if you are being threatened.

  • ELLIPAL_Titan_Mini_Cold_Wallet

    2 Factor Authentication

    PIN entry, Password entry. Get extra secure with gesture pin, and numeric passwords.

  • ELLIPAL_Titan_Mini_Cold_Wallet


    If any tampering is detected, your private information will be automatically deleted.

ELLIPAL Titan Mini manages NFTs and supports over 10,000 coins & tokens

Supports BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, XRP, ADA, and many more

Without installing coin APPs; Unlimited storage for coins/tokens

Full Coin List

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