Memory card 16 GB Micro - Only Sell Together With ELLIPAL

  • Memory card 16 GB Micro - Only Sell Together With ELLIPAL

Memory card 16 GB Micro - Only Sell Together With ELLIPAL


✈️Ships in 1-2 business days

🛡️1-year warranty


This product does not sell alone - Must be bought with an ELLIPAL


Updating the ELLIPAL to its newest firmware is very simple!

Download our update file into the memory card, put it inside the ELLIPAL, and select install update! It will be ready in a few minutes!


For updating the ELLIPAL firmware.

Update Tutorial Video:

Update File - Select "Updates & Guides":

Hardware Wallet Update Guide
1. Prepare a blank MicroSD card. The card must be formatted in FAT32. Note: cards larger than 32G cannot be formatted in FAT32 on Windows PC.
2. Download the latest ELLIPAL_V1.6.0.bin file and the corresponding hash.txt file from the official website ( to your computer. Copy both to the root directory of the MicroSD card.
3. Insert the SD card into the ELLIPAL cold wallet, then restart ELLIPAL cold wallet.
4. Select Settings->Update on the cold wallet, you can see that the upgrade file is detected. Follow the user interface to start the update process. When the update is done, the cold wallet will automatically restart. (Check the battery level (> 30%) before the update.)
In addition to upgrading the hardware wallet, please update the ELLIPAL App to v1.6.
ELLIPAL App Update Guide:
You can update your ELLIPAL App by any one of these ways.
1. On ELLIPAL App -> My -> About Us -> New Version Detection to update a new version.
2. Visit ELLIPAL official website:, then scan the QR code to download;
3. Update via Apple store or Google Play
After the hardware cold wallet and ELLIPAL App are updated, use the ELLIPAL app to scan the cold wallet QR code to connect.