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Are Display Screens Important For a Hardware Wallet?

As more and more people get into cryptocurrency, numbers of hacks and phishing attempt also increase. This ultimately leads to cryptocurrency holders choosing themselves a trusting hardware wallet. However, there are many to choose from so which one is the best?

However, we won’t be going on to which wallet is the best, rather, we will talk about one aspect that makes a hardware wallet “trusting”. This one aspect is the wallet’s screen.

As you all know ELLIPAL hardware wallet has a large, clear display touch screen. Surely, this is a great boost in terms of usability and accessibility. Using a touch screen with a great UI is easy and intuitive to everyone and it is what makes ELLIPAL special. However, do you know that it is also a great security boost?

Screens are just not for displays

Here are how a nice clear and large screen can improve your security.

Confirm addresses:

The biggest regret in trading crypto would probably be sending your coins to a wrong address. As trivial as it may sound, being careless has already cost many people a large amount of crypto. Having a large screen means you can easily and thoroughly check your address before sending them.


Confirm transactions:

It is important to confirm all of your transactions on the device manually to avoid remote attacks. With the ELLIPAL, in addition to your scanning QR codes manually to verify, you can study the transaction on the screen and even scan the QR codes to verify for yourself. If you feel something is not right, scan the QR code with another App and see if your information is correct before submitting.

Transacting on the ELLIPAL Titan

Confirm Mnemonics:

ELLIPAL’s clear display can show your full 12 words mnemonics in one screen. This means the mnemonics are generated inside the ELLIPAL and is shown only to you to record it. It won’t show up on the computer or anywhere else to risk your privacy. Easily record your mnemonics on ELLIPAL’s Metal Mnemonics.

Now you know about screens!

Many would think, ELLIPAL’s large display screen is just for making it easier for users to navigate the wallet. This is true (and many loves it) but we also thought about the security boosts that comes with it during the design process.

In addition to the large display screen helping you to keep your coins in check, ELLIPAL is also air-gapped and anti-tamper. The display screen cannot be hacked so do not worry if it will ever show false information.



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