• ELLIPAL Titan:

    Support all mobile systems

  • ELLIPAL Titan Mini:

    Support all mobile systems

  • Hot & Cold Wallet

    ELLIPAL App works individually as a hot wallet. Pair with ELLIPAL Titan air-gapped cold wallet for maximum security.

  • Import Accounts

    ELLIPAL App supports private keys, recovery phrase, keystore, secret key imports from other wallets.

  • Passphrases

    Set up passphrases to increase your security.

  • Multi-account and Multi-currency

    Supports multiple accounts and multiple coins. New coins are planned on the roadmap

ELLIPAL Supports Over 10,000 Coins and Tokens

Support BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, XRP, ADA and many more.
Without installing coins APP and unlimited stored coins/tokens.

Manage Your NFTs on ELLIPAL

You can easily buy, send and receive your NFTs on ELLIPAL.
ELLIPAL becomes your bridge between you and with NFT applications, and brings you an easy and secure experience.

Whatā€™s new in the last update?

1. Supports NFT display, reception and trading under the ETH system;
2. Added contract address display for tokens;
3. Other optimizations

Set up your ELLIPAL Cold Wallet

Getting started