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About this event

The fragmentation in the crypto space across the Asian region is largely due to a diverse industry and local regulatory landscapes. Tokocrypto aims to lead crypto initiatives across the region by bringing together trusted local crypto communities and enthusiasts. This initiative is to advocate a cross-regional educational and industry collaboration across APAC.

This event contains a series of panel discussions from leaders of various countries to cover talking points of interest by communities, including Asia regulation updates, development trends, community, and Toko Token (TKO) updates. Featuring opening speakers Pang Xue Kai of Tokocrypto & CZ of Binance.

Event Rundown (GMT)

6.00 - 6.05: Opening and Introduction by Tokocrypto
6.05 - 6.25: Opening Speech by Pang Xue Kai (CEO & Co-founder of Tokocrypto) and Changpeng Zhao (CEO & Founder of Binance)
6.25 - 6.45: TKO Quarterly Update by Pang Xue Kai
6.45 - 6.50: Attending Bundle Prizes Announcement
6.50 - 7.25: Panel Discussion 1 - Regulatory Updates by Teguh K. Harmanda (COO of Tokocrypto), Shaun Djie (Board Member of Tokocrypto), Nichel Gaba (CEO of PDAX), Long Vuong (CEO of TomoChain), and Kordan Ou (CEO of KryptoGo). Moderated by Arya Samudra (Co-founder & CRO of CFUND)
7.25 - 8.00: Panel Discussion 2 - Upcoming Trends by Nanda Ivens (CMO of Tokocrypto), Seth Melamed (COO of Liquid), Luis Buenaventura (CSO of BloomX), Siddharth Jain (Co-Founder & COO of DefiDollar), and Mai Fujimoto (Co-founder of Miss Bitcoin). Moderated by Tokocrypto
8.00 - 8.15: Official Break
8.15 - 8.50: Panel Discussion 3 - Community Sentiment by Christine N. Ginting (Head of Community of Tokocrypto), Collin Goltra (SEA Marketing Director of Binance), TM Lee (Co-founder of CoinGecko), Huy Nguyen (CTO of KardiaChain), and Maxime Paul (CMO & Co-founder of Atato). Moderated by Tokocrypto
8.50 - 9.20: Toko NFT Utilities Announcement by Lai Chung Ying (CSO of Tokocrypto)
9.20 - 9.50: Blockchain Potentials of Indonesia. Moderated by Tokocrypto
9.50 - 10.00: Bundle Winner Announcement

Full speaker list

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