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Bitcoin mining in ELLIPAL hardware wallet

March 3 is the date when Minto and its BTCMT token became available for ELLIPAL users. 

The BTCMT token is a tokenized hashrate in an eco-friendly data center. Every 100 BTCMT are equal to 1 TH/s of Bitcoin mining power. By staking it, you activate mining and get daily rewards in BTC. The project is running on the HECO blockchain. It makes the mining process stable and convenient because transactions take less than 3 seconds and $0.005. All the hashrate is running in the F2Pool which is the third largest BTC mining pool in the world. They verified our hashrate, so you can monitor it on a dedicated page.

DeFi mining makes you superior to regular miners. It takes several minutes to start mining and several minutes to call quits whenever you want. Only 3 operations: purchasing, staking and selling BTCMT tokens. No searching for cheap electricity, waiting equipment for months, maintaining it. Getting your mining rewards is the only thing you should do. 

Moreover, mining rewards are several times higher. There are 50 000 TH/s and 5 000 000 BTCMT tokens which generate mining rewards. These rewards are shared only between those who stake. Less than a half of BTCMT tokens are staked at the moment, so token holders get 2.8 times more compared to regular mining. It’s current APR is more than 50%. Minto has a huge scalability potential and will tokenize more hashrate as soon as the project grows. It will maintain rewards high. 

Integration of Minto and ELLIPAL hardware wallet is the perfect blend of decentralized physical assets. You can put your mining equipment in your pocket and get BTC on a daily basis avoiding headaches and a lot of risks.

Purchase BTCMT tokens 

Monitor our hashrate on F2Pool 

Read the Minto’s whitepaper to find details

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