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ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet at Blockchain Life 2019

Showcasing our safest cold wallet solution in Singapore!

ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet team travels again this week to Singapore to attend the Blockchain Life 2019 summit! It was great to meet many new faces and also our partners and friends. It was a great 2 days summit with, once again, overwhelming support and interest for our safest cold wallet solution.

The question we got most often was that how is ELLIPAL more special than other wallets? The answer is always simple but powerful: ELLIPAL is always offline, it is a total air-gapped wallet thanks to its QR code technology. With so many impressed people after the explanation, hopefully, we were able to make meaningful connections in Singapore this time that will benefit our supporters in Singapore and worldwide alike.

According to the official article by Blockchain Life, there were over 3,000 people there from 70 countries! It also mentioned Bitcoin shoot up by 5% during the event, was it a coincidence? All in all, we were happy to be there and got to show off our hardware wallet to many people. Looking forward to the next meeting!


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Just setting up my Ellipal now, a little bit of a learning curve but it is well worth it, I feel my cryptos are finally safe. Thanks to the Ellipal team.

Ken Anklovitch

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