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ELLIPAL Titan- One of the Highly Recommended Cold Wallets

Since the dawn of cryptocurrency, many hardware wallets have come in the market, of which some remained strong in the competition while others vanished. ELLIPAL Titan with its air-gapped metal body, superior security, support for thousands of coins and convenient use of the device and mobile app has made it big within a few years.

Hardware wallets and cryptocurrency are two indispensable parts in the crypto market, that being said, finding a reliable cold wallet and reliable coins become one of the most important concerns for the users. From external protection to internal safety, from a user-friendly interface to anti-theft features –there are a number of factors that you have to consider while choosing an altcoin and bitcoin cold storage wallet. Why ELLIPAL Titan when there are so many wallets available?

Here are the reasons

Anti-disassembly Body Prevents External Damage

Anti-disassembly Body cold wallet

Unlike many other metal cold wallets in the market, ELLIPAL Titan is constructed from a single metal piece and is metal-sealed so that one cannot pry open the exterior casing with any sharp object. The IP65 reinforcement keeps your wallet safe from water and dust. Even if the wallet is somehow opened, you can be assured of no leakage of data as opening it is only possible if one manages to damage the circuits.

Air-gapped Technology Keeps It Isolated from Network

air gapped technology cold wallet

ELLIPAL Titan can be considered as the first air-gapped bitcoin cold wallet that depends on no external network. You cannot connect it with wireless networks like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile data etc or any wired network like USB, OTG, etc. To put it simply, no connection can be made between the wallet and any mobile or computer devices to hack into your personal data. All the transactions take place through QR code scans between the wallet and the compatible mobile app only.

Anti-Tampering Feature Deletes Private Data Automatically

Anti-Tampering cold wallet

If you have lost the wallet and are yet to get a new one in which you would import the existing account, do not worry about the private data being vulnerable to hacking or exploited by any thief or hacker. The ELLIPAL Titan has an auto-wiping feature that is triggered whenever a security breach attempt is detected and the data is deleted before anyone other than you can get a hold of them. You can recover the data and account fast and easily with the 12-word mnemonics on another device.

Excellent User Experience Is Assured On both Wallet and App

Excellent User Experience cold wallet

Both the crypto wallet app and the ELLIPAL Titan come with an easy-to-use interface so that your transactions and other account-related works become easy. The wallet is like a small touchscreen mobile phone with a large optimized color display and it has dark mode available for use at night. With the secured adapter, you can charge and update the firmware in offline mode. The app compatible with iOS and Android, on the other hand, works with 2-step verification with the wallet for managing accounts, making transactions, connecting to exchanges and keeping you updated with real-time information about the market.

Thousands of Coins and Tokens Are Supported

cold wallet support thousands of coin

For ELLIPAL, adoption is the key and therefore, new coins are updated once every month to keep the crypto users contented. Users now can work with 31 Blockchains including bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, ripple, dash, bitcoin gold etc, all ERC 20 tokens including HOT, KICK, ANT etc, all BNB BEP2 tokens including ANKR-E97, FTM-A64, etc, all TRC10 and TRC20 tokens including LVH, TONE, WIN etc, and all EOS tokens including WAL, CET, DICE etc.

Those who transact only bitcoins, as well as those who work with different coins, would significantly benefit from the ELLIPAL Titan wallet which supports more than a thousand coins. No wonder why cryptocurrency holders recommend this cold wallet among many others.


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