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ELLIPAL Wallet Introduces QR-Code Linking with MetaMask!

Exciting news for ELLIPAL Wallet users: The latest update includes the integration of a QR-code based protocol for linking with MetaMask.

MetaMask, a popular wallet for various DApp sites and supporter of EVM blockchains, can now be seamlessly linked with ELLIPAL accounts through this secure and innovative method.

When you link your ELLIPAL Wallet to MetaMask, it acts as a secure gateway, allowing you to interact with the decentralized web safely. This connection is established exclusively via a QR-code, with the ELLIPAL address shared with MetaMask for blockchain network address lookups and account information display. This method ensures top-tier security by keeping your private keys completely offline and isolated from the internet.

How to Link ELLIPAL Wallet with MetaMask:

You can find step-by-step instructions on connecting ELLIPAL Wallet to MetaMask using the QR-code protocol in the ELLIPAL User Guide through this video:


Essential Requirements:

· MetaMask's QR-code functionality is compatible with both ELLIPALTitan and ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 at the moment.
· Ensure your firmware is updated to version 3.11.0 or above.
· A camera-equipped computer is necessary to utilize the QR-based function with MetaMask.

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