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ELLIPAL Titan Mini vs. Ledger Nano X – Best Wallet of 2022

Hardware wallets are one of the most important tools for modern cryptocurrency investors. With all the security issues and hackers all over the internet, investors turn to hardware wallets to protect themselves. In this article, we will help you choose between two of the most amazing hardware wallets of 2022, ELLIPAL Titan Mini vs. Ledger Nano X.

Why Must We Use Hardware Wallets?

Hardware wallets are devices made to store cryptocurrency. People who invest a lot in crypto will use hardware wallets because it offers more security than other ways of storage such as hot wallets and exchanges. 

Hot wallets like Trust Wallet APP and Atomic Wallet APP are very popular mobile crypto wallets that can be downloaded for free. They are easy to use and offer many crypto functions. 

The security of a hot wallet depends on the security of the smartphone it is downloaded upon. Because smartphones are always online, it is at risk of online hacking and malicious viruses. These pose risks to the crypto stored inside the hot wallets so crypto experts tend to stop using hot wallets when they feel the risk is too big. 

Exchanges like Binance and Coinbase are also very popular places where people store their crypto because any crypto inside can be traded quickly. However, exchanges are called custodial wallets because the crypto you stored inside them does not fully belong to you. If the exchange decides to stop its services or gets hacked, your crypto will be lost and cannot be recovered. 

When serious investors want to hold on to their large amount of crypto without worries and have full access to their assets whenever they want, they choose hardware wallets.  

There are many brands of hardware wallets in the market: Trezor, Safepal, Ngrave, D'Cent, KeepKey, Cool Wallet, and more. In this article, we will cover one of the most popular markets in the market: Ledger Nano X, and one of the most secure: ELLIPAL Titan Mini.

ELLIPAL Titan Mini vs. Ledger Nano X - Comparing 2 of the Best

Ledger Nano X

Ledger is the most popular crypto hardware wallet brand in the world. They have made record sales with their original hardware wallet model, the Ledger Nano. Taking into account the shortcomings of the original model such as the lack of mobile support and low memory storage, it is the improved version of the old Ledger Nano. 

The Ledger Nano X is shaped like a large USB stick. It is made out of plastic with a thin metal cover. There are 2 buttons for navigation, a small LED screen, and a USB-C port for charging and connection. 

It is designed to be used together with the Ledger Live APP on the PC and the smartphone. The phone APP supports most of the most famous currencies. The device X can be linked up to the APP through a Bluetooth connection, and transactions can be initiated on the APP. 

For currencies that are not supported on the mobile APP, they can be accessed on the Ledger Live PC. When connected to the PC, users must use the USB-C cord instead of the Bluetooth function.  

Overall, if you do not mind operating the device through 2 small buttons and a small screen, the Ledger Nano X is relatively easy to use. The APP's UI is well made and there is support for many currencies, DAPPs, and functions such as buy, trade, and staking. 

The only thing that is difficult about the Nano X is that you must download Ledger-specific "APPs" for every currency you wish to store. Downloading these apps can take time and also if you download too many apps at the same time, you will use up the storage on the device. 

Another flaw in the new Ledger device is that Bluetooth and USB-C connections can be a security risk. These connections can be a gateway for talented hackers to reach the private keys inside or install malware that leads to cryptocurrency theft. Therefore, users must stay vigilant and make sure the devices that the Nano X is connected to are safe. 

ELLIPAL Titan Mini

ELLIPAL has been known to make the most secure air-gapped hardware wallets (or cold wallets) for many years. ELLIPAL hardware wallets are 100% offline at all times and do not have ports or elements that allow them to be connected to any network or devices. Unlike the Ledger, users will not need to worry about any hacking risks when they are using the ELLIPAL. 

ELLIPAL's newest model, the ELLIPAL Titan Mini is a small yet very sturdy hardware wallet. It is fully made out of metal and has a large LCD touch screen for easy navigation. 

The ELLIPAL Titan Mini is designed to be used with the ELLIPAL Mobile APP. The device can be synced up to the mobile APP through QR code technology. QR code is more secure than other types of connection such as Bluetooth or USB wire because information does not require a physical medium to travel through. It travels through light and can be captured by a camera. 

The ELLIPAL APP also has other features just like the Ledger APP such as the vast list of cryptocurrencies supported, buying, trading, staking, investing, and most importantly: access to DAPPs. 

Unlike the Ledger, the ELLIPAL does not require the user to install specific APPs to store coins. Each account on the ELLIPAL can support all the currencies at once without any memory storage limit. It is very easy for management. 

Another unique feature of the ELLIPAL Titan Mini is its anti-tamper protection to protect your assets against physical attacks. Whenever the ELLIPAL Titan Mini detects a breach, it will automatically delete all the data on the wallet and makes it unusable. The private key and your asset will remain safe.

The ELLIPAL Titan Mini is one of the few wallets in the market that has an incredibly high level of security while still very easy to use. It is a suitable wallet for any level of investors, both beginners, and experts. 

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