How to move coins from an exchange into a cold wallet?

How to move coins from an exchange into a cold wallet? A step-by-step instruction.

Not your keys? Not your coins.

As we all know that if you buy or exchange cryptocurrency at an exchange and leave it in your account, your assets are not secured since storing crypto assets is all about storing and managing your private keys, but there is no key for your assets in exchanges. To avoid the risk of hacks or account takeovers, people are getting their coins off exchanges and looking for a safer way to store their crypto assets. More people realized that an air-gapped cold wallet comes as a game changer in managing your secret keys. “Air-gapped” means that private keys on a local device would never connect to the internet or other smart devices physically, therefore there is no way to be hacked. As far as we know, this is the best way to manage your crypto assets.

Now we are going to introduce the way to move coins from exchanges into a cold wallet ELLIPAL, the leader of air-gapped wallet.

1. Please go to ELLIPAL App/Titan, find the token you want to transfer in, then tap"receive", copy the address;
Received addressReceive address

Receive coin

2. Go to exchange/other wallets and make a transaction, paste the coins/token address.

3. Check the balance on ELLIPAL App after transaction completed.

You can also refer video Receive transactions:

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