My delivered package was open! - ELLIPAL

My delivered package was open!

It may happen sometimes during the customs procedure and unfortunately, we cannot do anything to prevent customs from doing so as it is within their legal powers. If your package was opened by the customs, they usually leave a tape informing the customer that it was caused by them, but it is not guaranteed in every case.

Titan is completely anti-disassembly design, there are no need any safety tape on box.Please feel free to use it.

One thing for sure that I can tell is that you are not using a tampered product. Our wallet is anti-tamper, meaning if someone tampered with the device, you will 100% know it. For example, it is impossible to disassemble the ELLIPAL Titan and put it back together without leaving obvious damage. The system can also detect breach and shut down the system making it unusable.

Only thing an attacker can do is to create an account before you receive it and you accidentally use that account without knowing. However, it is common knowledge that you shouldn't use an account you didn't create yourself. If you understand this, the ELLIPAL is completely secure.
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