Warranty Period - ELLIPAL

Warranty Period

For the ELLIPAL Cold wallet:

If there is a quality problem within 30 days after product delivered, we will replace you with a new cold wallet or refund you,  and we're responsible for the shipping cost of replacement.

Within 12 months after delivery: you will need to send the product back and we will inspect and repair it for free,but you are responsible for the cost of all the shipment fee.

We will not charge any handling fees related to returns and replacements.

For the adapter:

If there is a quality problem within 30 days after adapter delivered, we will replace you with a new adapter.


The warranty does not cover the following:

- Defects and damage cause during the transportation,loading and unloading of the product.

- Defects caused by unauthorized attempts to dismantle or reassemble the product.

- Defects and damage due to the product being used in a way different from its normal customary manner,

- Defects caused by uncontrollable force e including but not limited to fire, earthquakes, lighting strikes and wars.

-Defects caused by improper use, care, maintenance and handling of the product that do not comply with instructions in the user manual.

The ELLIPAL Titan is a complete, network-isolated offline cold storage wallet. The ELLIPAL Titan provides full protection against remote and online attacks.

The product serial number recorded on the warranty document is inconsistent with the one imprinted or labeled on the product.

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