6th Year, 6000 Airdrops

Celebrating 6 amazing years and the Bitcoin Halving, we're deeply thankful for our journey together. ELLlPAL is excited to share our gratitude with a month-long Airdrop Extravaganza!

Prize Pool

  • Cryptos: VET, PMPY (ETH). BTC (BSC)
  • Gifts: 6th Anniversary Packs
  • Total Value:$20,000
  • Rounds:6
  • 6000 airdrops
  • Top Prize: $600
  • Allocation: First-come, first-served. Random

How to Participate

2 participating options

â‘  Place any order on ellipal
â‘¡ Complete the steps on THlS TWEET,and register on
THIS FORM to submit your ELLIPAL wallet address

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How to Redeem

â‘  Download the ELLIPAL APP â‘¡ Retrieve your coin address (each round features a different coin/token, please refer to the PlN Twitter content) â‘¢ Paste the address to submit

Redeem Now

Timing Details

  • Event: March 25th - May 5th
  • Redemption: March 25th - May 5th
  • Airdrop Schedule:
    Round 1: March 25th - March 31st (Ended)
    Round 2: April 1st - April 7th (Ended)
    Round 3: April 8th - April 14th (Ended)
    Round 4: April 15th - April 21st (Ongoing)
    Round 5: April 22nd - April 28th (Upcoming)
    Round 6: April 29nd - May 28th (Upcoming)
  • Distribution: April 1st - May 10th

Prize Winners List



  • Each user is eligible for one airdrop only.
  • Repeat submissions from the same lP,email,Twitter lD are not permitted.
  • Unclaimed airdrops will be considered void after the redemption period.
  • ELLIPAL reserves all rights to final interpretation of
    these rules.

Celebrate our milestone with a bang and take part in our airdropmadness! Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to join in our six-year anniversary celebration and the Bitcoin halving party.