The world's first offline mnemonic phrase generator

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  • True Random

    Embed a true random number generator in the ST chipset that delivers 32-bit random numbers generated by an integrated analog circuit

  • Offline

    No contact with the network. Offline generation to prevent network attacks and absolute security

  • Open Source

    Make the program public so that anyone can check the generated rules(Github)

  • BIP39 Standard

    Make the program public so that anyone can check the generated rules

Why You Need ELLIPAL Joy?

  • ellipal joy

    Cyber hacking risk?

    ELLIPAL Joy runs in a completely isolated network environment

  • Is it random?

    The chip ensures that it is absolutely random

  • Has been preset?

    Open source - all programs can be tested and verified

  • Used in other wallet?

    Compatible with all BIP39 hot wallet and hardware wallet

Easy to Generate in 4 Steps


If I don't have ELLIPAL Joy, can I create/restore an account in ELLIPAL TITAN?

Yes, You can. ELLIPAL Joy is generated on the same principle as ELLIPAL TITAN. This is further proof of the safety level of ELLIPAL TITAN. If you already have ELLIPAL TITAN, you don't have to buy ELLIPAL Joy. If you are using a software wallet or other hardware wallet, why not increase the security level of your mnemonic phrase and address it with ELLIPAL Joy?

Can the mnemonic phrase generated by ELLIPAL Joy be used in other wallets?

Yes, If the wallet follows the BIP39 standard mnemonic phrase. ELLIPAL Joy generates mnemonic phrases, you can generate addresses on other wallets by mnemonic phrase. Such as Trust Wallet, Trezor Wallet, etc.

How many times can mnemonic phrases be generated?

The unlimited number of times.

What if I forget the mnemonic phrase when I am generating?

You can regenerate it. We recommend that you prepare your records before generating them.

Can mnemonic phrases be stored in ELLIPAL Joy?

ELLIPAL Joy has no storage function. You need to protect it and store it in a secure place. ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal will become your indispensable product for protecting mnemonics will become your indispensable product for protecting mnemonic phrase.