ELLIPAL Titan Summary For Influencers

ELLIPAL Titan Guide for Influencers

Thank you for taking the time to review the ELLIPAL Titan! We hope that you will enjoy using our flagship wallet.

Download ELLIPAL image material:https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1PqEmJeoL3mssl-9l4R_8st2Z-T38oJtZ

This page contains a guide for you about the ELLIPAL Titan so you won't miss any of its features and will make it easier for you when finding out what to review. The ELLIPAL marketing team would also kindly ask you, if possible to mention our theme in your review. 



"ELLIPAL Titan - The Cold Wallet, More Than Just a Hardware Wallet"

 The first Bitcoin cold wallet was created on an air-gapped computer. It prevents hackers to access private keys through any online connections. After that, we have seen the creation of hardware wallets but they do not follow the footsteps of the original cold wallet. By definition cold wallet must be 100% connection free from online devices at all times.

 Hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor rely on USB and Bluetooth connection to online devices to work, they do not provide the same level of security as what the original cold wallet does. Once the hardware wallet is connected to an online device, it becomes vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, they cannot be called "Cold Wallet" because they are not connection free at all times.


ELLIPAL Titan is used as an easily portable hardware wallet but it has the security level of a cold wallet hence the slogan theme: "ELLIPAL Titan - The Cold Wallet, More Than Just a Hardware Wallet".


ELLIPAL Titan Main Features

1) ELLIPAL Titan is 100% connection free


ELLIPAL Titan is designed to not be compatible with any connection. It uses QR code technology to transfer wallet information so no physical connection is needed. This makes the ELLIPAL Titan air-gapped at all times and prevents many forms of hacking. 


The data contained within QR codes are also verifiable. Users can use a QR reader to verify the contents of what is being communicated. In contrast, data which passes through a USB cable or Bluetooth signal is impossible for human to verify. In case of a hack, being able to check what data is being transferred is very important.


2) ELLIPAL Titan is Anti Tamper and Anti Disassembly


ELLIPAL Titan is specifically built with a fully sealed metal frame. The device is dustproof, light water jets proof and all-round very solid (IP65). 


If the device is forcefully open, the system will destroy itself and cannot be used again, protecting your valuable data.


Also, as it is a very difficult crack open the wallet even with professional tools, it is impossible to not leave any obvious damages behind. If hackers perform a supply chain attack, the user can tell right away.


3) Trust-less Trust


The ELLIPAL wallet is partially open source meaning not every part of the code is available for all to audit. While the QR code generation code and update mechanism code are available, the code for key generation is closed.


This may make a few users feel uneasy about using keys generated on the ELLIPAL. As we do not have an effective way to prove our keys are trustworthy we allow users to import their own trusted private keys generated from their own opensource code! Not many wallets can do this and we welcome anybody to try this. 


4) ELLIPAL Titan Easy to Use


Most ELLIPAL users can create a new account and learn how to use it within 5 minutes. The process is intuitive with self-explaining steps along the way whether it will be sending, receiving or converting coins. 


More importantly, the ELLIPAL works swiftly with our ELLIPAL Mobile Wallet App. Users can pair the device with the App and see their assets anywhere on the go. The App also shows price charts, project introductions, and market news to keep you updated.


5) Multi-Function


The ELLIPAL is more than just a wallet. Thanks to our partnership with Changelly and SWFT, users can exchange coins easily right on the ELLIPAL wallet. The best rates and exchange speed is always optimized as ELLIPAL can choose between Changelly and SWFT. Binance DEX exchange is also readily available for users to use. 


ELLIPAL also provides Finance products for users who are looking to investing options. We currently provide long and short term USDT investment options with attractive annualized rate returns.


6) 41 Blockchains and 10,000+ Tokens supported


ELLIPAL now natively supports 40 blockchains with more being added every month. Within these 40 blockchain includes: ETH, TRX, BNB and EOS meaning ELLIPAL supports all of their tokens. Users will be able to hold each of their currencies inside the ELLIPAL without needing the install additional third-party Apps.


All coins and tokens can be hold together within one account. One ELLIPAL Cold Wallet can hold up to 5 multi-accounts (10 for single coins account) making managing your assets very easy.