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Ledger Nano X vs. ELLIPAL Titan

The Ledger Nano X and the ELLIPAL Titan are no doubt the two hottest hardware wallets or cold crypto storage of 2019 and 2020. Both were launched at the same time and got known for their mobile App support. Users can take their cold access their hardware wallet assets from anywhere, without a computer, with these devices. Despite the similarities, there are many differences that we will cover here.


Hardware Wallet ELLIPAL Titan Ledger Nano X
Design Large screen USB stick
Security Point 100% Air-gapped Secure element
Pairing Software ELLIPAL mobile App Ledger Live (mobile/PC)
Data Transfer QR code (verifiable) Bluetooth and USB
Open Source Partial open Partial open
Coin Support Native: 33 block chains Native (22) + 3rd party (57)
Anti-Tamper Self delete mechanism None
Material Anti-disassembly metal Plastic+metal cover
Account Management Multiple currencies in one account One currency per one account


  • Security

Security is the most crucial factor in a hardware wallet. Both ELLIPAL and Ledger are very secure, but they protect your keys using very different solutions.



The ELLIPAL Titan is well known for being a fully air-gapped wallet meaning the device cannot connect to any network or other devices. The ELLIPAL's chipset does not support any connections such as USB, Wifi, NFC and Cellular. Due to the degree of isolation, the whole device is a secure element. Another security factor is ELLIPAL Titan's hardware build. It is unique from other hardware wallets because it is very strong. The casing is 100% metal and the screen is sealed tightly on top. Any attempt to break into the wallet will permanently break the device because you will need to use a lot of force. The device also has an anti-tamper function installed, meaning if it detects a breach, it will automatically delete every information inside.

The ELLIPAL Titan signs transactions by requiring users to manually scan QR codes on the device and on the App. This is also an important security feature because the action has to be done manually by a human and cannot be done remotely by a hacker. The QR codes are also verifiable meaning if users are unsure about the QR code they are scanning, they can use another App to scan and double-check the content.

Another unique feature that adds to ELLIPAL's security is its large screen. It may not be an obvious point but a large screen allows users to double-check their transaction before sending, preventing any mistakes.

ELLIPAL Titan's unique security comes from its being able to protect users from both online threats and offline threats. It is an all-round secure solution that is very convincing for every crypto trader.


Ledger Nano X

The Ledger Nano X is not a fully air-gapped device like the ELLIPAL Titan as it needs Bluetooth and USB cable to work. However, Ledger makes use of a secure element chip that makes sure the private key and private information never leave the chip. Ledger confirms that only public data passes through Bluetooth and USB, so your coins will be safe. A secure element chip is a crucial component that protects the private keys even if the device got hacked through USB or Bluetooth.

The security architecture of the Ledger Nano X is similar to the Ledger Nano S. However; users can enjoy using the Ledger Nano X wirelessly with the Bluetooth.


  • Usage

Both ELLIPAL and Ledger boast its simplicity to use, and both support many coins, but which one is better?


The ELLIPAL Titan is a mobile cold storage solution meaning it works with only its mobile APP. If you enjoy using your PC than your smartphone, then the ELLIPAL Titan might not be for you. However, if you want to be able to access your assets anywhere, any time on your phone, the ELLIPAL Titan is perfect.

The ELLIPAL Titan works using QR code. By scanning QR codes between the ELLIPAL Titan and the ELLIPAL App, users can pair the devices and send transactions quickly and securely (connection free). QR code generation code is also open-source so users can be sure that private keys will never show on the QR code.

ELLIPAL Titan has a large touch screen and works similarly to a smartphone. Most people will not need any training to use it because it is quite intuitive and feels just like using a smartphone.

Other functions that users may like include being able store all supported coins under one account, open multiple accounts, and the ability to import mnemonics and private keys from other wallets. The ELLIPAL App can also be operated alone as a hot wallet, giving users more options to manage their coins.

ELLIPAL Titan storing multiple accounts in one device.


All in all, following many users review, we can conclude that the ELLIPAL Titan wallet is a simple to use hardware wallet that will fit both beginners and experts alike.


Ledger Nano X

The Ledger Nano S is already one of the most famous PC hardware wallet solutions before the introduction of Ledger Nano X that includes a mobile solution as well. It makes use of Bluetooth in which every smartphone has, and many people should already know how to pair devices with Bluetooth. Once paired, the mobile App works just like the Ledger Live App on PC only that the coins supported on the App is a lot less than on the PC App. For many currencies, users will still need to install third-party software and use USB cable to use it with the PC.

The Ledger Live App that uses with Ledger Nano X is simple to use for most people. However, beginners may find some difficulties when it comes to updates, installing 3rd party Apps, and navigating the small screen of the Ledger.


Ledger X and Ledger Live App

  • Conclusion

Both hardware wallet has its own advantages. The Ledger X maybe more suitable for people who enjoy using the PC more than mobile and does not mind navigating a small screen with two buttons. On the other hand, the ELLIPAL Titan is totally connection free and is fully supported on mobile. While it doesn’t have a PC pair, the App and the ELLIPAL Titan works together well thanks to the easy UI and the big screen of the device. Transacting with QR codes is also much safer than Bluetooth and USB because it cannot be intercepted.

Usage wise, currently, the Ledger X supports more coins than the ELLIPAL Titan with the third party Apps, however, setting up those Apps isn't easy for everyone. If you are a tech-savvy trader who trades many altcoins, the Ledger X might be for you. On the other hand, the ELLIPAL Titan has all the coins natively supported and the system is easy to set up. If you are new to hardware wallets, the ELLIPAL Titan is the best choice to go.

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U can import your seed phrase on any HD (hierarchically deterministic) wallet which supports BIP 39. E.g you can import your seed into electrum(btc and some forks) or armory(btc and some forks) or ledger or ellipal. It has to support BIP 39.


How do we access coins if Ellipal company goes out of business or we lose our cell phone?

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