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5 Reasons to Choose Offline Wallet

The private keys for your cryptocurrency can be stored in various media namely mobile devices, computers, online, cloud storage, offline hardware and in a trivial thing like on paper. With a number of cold wallets, the frequency of potential hacking of data has increased many fold, making the users end up losing their private data and the precious amount stored in the wallet.

ELLIPAL is relatively newer in the cryptocurrency market and its offline mode of operation has earned significant positive feedback within a short span of time. ELLIPAL’s hardware wallet is an offline medium and it is paired with the private key inside the ELLIPAL to ensure security to the private keys on the mobile device.

The ELLIPAL Version 1.9.4 hardware wallet is designed in such a way that none can hack into currency exchange through connected media. As it is offline or cold storage, there is no possibility of connecting the device to wireless media like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Hotspot or wired media like USB cable on the PC or mobile. Besides, being offline, it also means that only the built-in rear cameras of the device can be used to scan the QR codes in order to establish a connection between the mobile app and the hardware.

An air-gapped secure wallet, this offline device needs account password while signing off the transactions and after five unsuccessful attempts, the seeds will be removed and factory data will be reset. With 30+ different coins and enough memory to activate all types of coins simultaneously, the device also adds new coins after every update.

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