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The Best Crypto Cold Wallet of 2022

Crypto Cold Wallet is one of the most significant tools for every cryptocurrency investor. Crypto cold wallet keeps investors' assets secure so they can hold their favorite coins without worries. Crypto cold wallets do their job to keep crypto secure by staying completely offline, even during a transaction. Staying offline at all times is the unique and most important security feature that makes a cold wallet different from other wallets.

For industrial experts in the crypto security field, crypto cold wallets are considered a "new generation of wallets". Nowadays, there are many brands to choose from, and customers may confuse them with traditional hardware wallets. This article will cover the most famous cold wallet brands that you should be aware of.

ELLIPAL Crypto Cold Wallet

ELLIPAL is one of the first crypto cold wallet brands in the world and the first to raise the popularity of cold wallets to the masses.

Apart from superior security compared to a traditional hardware wallet, the ELLIPAL cold wallet is also famous for its very high quality and sturdy build. The body of the ELLIPAL wallet is made out of metal and a large clear touch screen is fitted on top. The device has an expensive feel to it and the large screen makes it intuitive to use.  

Throughout the device, there is no port for connection. This makes it impossible to connect the ELLIPAL to any sort of network or device. Without never being able to connect to anything, the ELLIPAL is fully air-gapped and makes it one of the most secure places to store cryptocurrency.

The ELLIPAL works together with the ELLIPAL Mobile APP to allow users to transact crypto. Through a built-in camera, transactions are carried out through QR codes which are not digital signals, and hence cannot be hacked.

The ELLIPAL Mobile APP also allows investors to make use of many cryptocurrency tools. Users can buy coins, trade, stake, invest, access DAPPs, and collect NFT, all on the ELLIPAL.

Another special feature that the ELLIPAL harbors are the anti-tamper feature. Because cold wallets are immune to online attacks, hackers may attempt to physically attack the wallet instead. To protect against physical attacks, the ELLIPAL's anti-tamper feature can help automatically delete every data on the wallet whenever it detects a malicious breach, protecting your assets. 

All in all, the ELLIPAL is a very secure crypto-cold wallet that has everything that an investor needs and a vast list of currency supported. Not to mention it is also beginner friendly. It is a good choice for any crypto investor.

SafePal Cold Wallet 

SafePal is a much newer cold wallet brand. Despite being new, the fact that SafePal is backed by Binance makes its popularity rise at an amazing pace. The SafePal is a beginner-friendly cold wallet that is very affordable. It is suitable for beginner investors to try to secure their crypto.

Like other cold wallets, the SafePal is 100% offline at all times. It works with the SafePal mobile App to carry out transactions through QR codes.

The SafePal is made out of plastic. It has a small screen and a few buttons for navigation. Despite the build looking cheaper than other wallets on the market, it comes with a low price point that makes it popular among beginners in crypto.

Currently, the currency support on the SafePal isn't as diverse as in the ELLIPAL Cold Wallet. It will increase with time of course, but investors should study the coin support list well before making their choice.

KeyStone Wallet

Keystone is a high-end cold wallet, made from high-quality materials. It is not entirely made out of metal like the ELLIPAL Cold Wallet but it is sturdy enough and has a large beautiful touch screen.

It takes the air-gapped concept very seriously. It has a detachable battery that you can remove from the KeyStone device and charge elsewhere. This way, they do not need to install a USB charging port on the KeyStone which could lead to potential risks.

Much like other crypto cold wallets, it works by QR code scanning together with its KeyStone mobile App.

One issue with the KeyStone is that the features are quite limited. Support for coins is few and there is no buying, trading, or investing features like the other wallets. It is only suitable for people who want to hold their crypto securely only.


Ngrave is also a crypto cold wallet very similar to the others on the list. It has a nice design made from high quality plastic and a large screen resembling a smart phone. The UI is beautifully designed to make it intuitive to use.

It works with the Ngrave APP to carry out transactions through QR codes. This form of transaction keeps it air-gapped and secure from any online hacks.

A great feature of the Ngrave is that it can integrate with many crypto exchanges to allow you to trade easily, yet securely. You can integrate the Ngrave with exchanges like Metamask or Coinbase to access your assets directly. It is a great cold wallet for avid traders to carry out their dialy crypto trades while still staying secure.

Which is The Best Crypto Cold Wallet of 2022

The best crypto cold wallet of 2022 is the ELLIPAL cold wallet. It has the best all-around features, including high-quality security and high usability. It is easy to use and is suitable for beginners. It is also suitable for experts given how advanced the security design is and the abundance of crypto investment features that are available.


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