ELLIPAL 1 Year Shipping Anniversary - ELLIPAL

ELLIPAL 1 Year Shipping Anniversary

It has already been one year since the ELLIPAL Cold Wallet 2.0 started its shipment worldwide! 

To give back to our supporting community, we are running a big giveaway! Whether you have joined us today or one year ago, you are all welcomed to celebrate!

Gain your entries by following these simple tasks:


What are the prizes?

ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet

The most advanced air-gapped cold wallet in the industry, giving you a secure place to store your cryptocurrency. The Cold Wallet pairs with your mobile phone to give you an easy but secure way to transact your coins and manage them while keeping private keys offline. 


ELLIPAL Metal Mnemonics

Every cryptocurrency wallet holders will have to face the problem of where to keep their Mnemonics (seed keys). Mnemonics act as a backup to your wallet meaning losing the mnemonics can lead to losing all of your coins. 

The best way to secure your mnemonics is in metal. Find out how:

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18 commentaires

nice metal mnemonic

An Hacava

I’m just loving my ELLIPAL Titan, best air gapped cold wallet out there in my opinion.

Fernando Miguel

Good cheaper version of the overpriced cobo vault.


great wallet, easy to use

William Brizuela Jr.

nicce . I think ellipal is one of the best in both functionality and looks


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