ELLIPAL 2.O: Noobs Review of the Stunning Hardware Wallet - A Cold Wallet review by SmartCash - ELLIPAL

ELLIPAL 2.O: Noobs Review of the Stunning Hardware Wallet - A Cold Wallet review by SmartCash

Now for as long as I’ve been involved with crypto-currency, I haven’t yet owned a hardware wallet until now that is. I recently got the Ellipal 2.0 Hardware Wallet and had it customized with the SmartCash logo to celebrate the fact that they’re integrating SmartCash support. Looking forward to that but they already support the important ones like BTC, a favorite of mine BCH and many more.

I’ve been wondering how this works since I got it so I looked into it more. The device itself looks like a cell phone but only has the wallet software on it. It’s advertised as the first air-gapped hardware wallet boasting QR technology as the reason. Because QR codes store information visually like that, there’s no connection needed to share the necessary information wired or wirelessly. Ellipal boasts as being safe and convenient and so far I would say I agree.

For this being my first experience with a hardware wallet it was fairly easy. The cold
wallet basically only stores the private keys and you use it with the app to manage funds. I’ve already successfully sent a bit of bitcoin there that I’ll store until further notice. The device itself comes with a cord for charging, some stickers, directions for use and a little card to store the mnemonic on in the event that you lose your device. The memory card came separately (with separate cost) and can be installed by removing the back panel of the device.

You also can personalize your device for no extra charge, I decided to make mine SmartCash themed but you can upload your own photo for them to add to the back. I think the design turned out really nice and the device, in general, has a nice clean appearance.

I was a little concerned on the shipping but it only cost 19 USD to ship from Hong Kong to Mexico and it came without issue. Anyone that’s lived in Mexico knows it’s not always easy to get things you order so the fact that it came so quickly and without issues was great.

From the perspective of a noob, not bad. It was an easy experience that wasn’t much harder than setting up a computer when you first get it or any other device but it holds a lot of power in that you become your own bank with that sort of device. And now I know I have a solid means to store crypto which is a big deal.

Looking forward to seeing the future that comes from this user-friendly device as well as with its integration of SmartCash!


Taken from: https://coinlance.com/2019/04/03/ellipal-2-o-noobs-review-of-the-stunning-hardware-wallet/

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