ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet - EOS airdrop for all new coldwallet users! - ELLIPAL

ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet - EOS airdrop for all new coldwallet users!

ELLIPAL Hardware wallet is giving away 10,000 EOS to new users!

Buy an ELLIPAL hardware wallet and get 5 EOS + free shipping!

After successfully purchasing the cold wallet and creating or importing the EOS address, send your order number, name and EOS address to eos@ellipal.com.

The airdrop will be completed within three working days after verification.


ELLIPAL next generation hardware wallet officially released its new cold wallet and App firmware version 1.9! ELLIPAL hardware wallet now has a full EOS support!


ELLIPAL is the best cold wallet solution, having the best combination of security and ease of use. The hardware wallet is not compatible to any internet connection, hence securing your private keys from any hacking. On top of that, ELLIPAL provides an easy one-stop cryptocurrency management inside its mobile App.


Currently, ELLIPAL has already shipped to 40 countries worldwide and has been accepted widely by many users and investors! ELLIPAL now already supports the 20 TOP mainstream cryptocurrencies and all ERC20, TRC10 and TRC20 Tokens.


As appreciation to all the support, ELLIPAL is giving out 10,000 EOS in a limited time! Buy a new ELLIPAL hardware wallet from March 18th to April 7th and we will send 5 EOS to you! (We will keep sending until we are out of EOS)


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4 commentaires

Just bought a new ellipal titan + mnemonic case. Love my new cold wallet. Is this EOS airdrop still available?

Clint Cebulak

Looking forward to receiving my Ellipal Cold Wallet and keeping my Crypto SAFE from hackers




I think this product is the best thought out and safest hardware wallet on the market. keep up the great work

King Crypto

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