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ELLIPAL Version 2.5.0 Now Supports ZEC ZCash Storage and Trading

Z Cash has been the coin that has been frequently requested in the ELLIPAL community. Finally, the team is ready to announce its support today.

With the addition of Z Cash, ELLIPAL now supports 32 blockchains natively on both the ELLIPAL Cold Wallet series and ELLIPAL Wallet App. Not only will users be able to store Z Cash securely on ELLIPAL, but they will also be able to trade Z Cash freely through our exchange platform.

Store your Z Cash (ZEC) on ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet today to experience upgraded security and convenience. The ELLIPAL Titan is the most secure air-gapped hardware wallet with mobile support. It can never be connected to any network or devices giving it protection against all remote attacks. It is also built strongly with metal and holds anti-tamper feature. It will protect your private keys against physical attacks.

ELLIPAL Titan works seamlessly with the ELLIPAL App through secure QR codes only. QR codes are always verifiable to make sure that your information will never be leaked. While the ELLIPAL Titan holds your keys, the ELLIPAL App works as the mediator with the blockchain. Take your cold storage and trade from anywhere with ELLIPAL Titan x ELLIPAL APP combination.

2020 is an significant time to secure your cryptocurrency and it only takes 3 minutes to set up your first Z Cash cold storage on the ELLIPAL Titan.

Are you ready to store and secure your Z Cash (ZEC) on the ELLIPAL Titan today? We suggest you to learn more:


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