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ELLIPAL Titan - A True Cold Wallet

Currently, one of the best wallets which are getting all the attention that is ELLIPAL. After launching its first model successfully, ELLIPAL now has become the world’s leading developer for an air-gapped storage solution. Typical hardware wallets still depend on physical connections to function. However, being totally connection free ELLIPAL seems to be standing out in the race. Rather than been categorized as a hardware wallet, it is more sensible to call ELLIPAL, a true cold wallet.

ELLIPAL has launched its newest cold wallet, ‘ELLIPAL Titan’ this year. It is the world’s first fully metal sealed and air gapped cold wallet that offers mobile support. The best feature of this wallet is that the users will be able to enjoy an even higher security level against physical and remote attacks, at the same time will offer the same satisfying user experience as before.

Why ELLIPAL titan should be the best choice of every crypto cold storage holder who wants to keep their coins safe and secured?

Safeguard against physical attack

Hacking of all sorts has become the most common thing in today’s market. All hardware wallet hacks begin from simply cracking open the device body to access the chip that is located inside. ELLIPAL titan has the most unique feature, it has a new anti-disassembly and anti-tampering design that safeguard the hardware wallet efficiently against any physical assault. And it is not that easy to open a full sealed strong metal body unless destroyed. The entire hardware is safeguarded from any attempt of physical intrusion. At the same, the company has designed a new-tampering detection system that will delete the private data of the user automatically if any brute-force dismantling is detected. In addition to this, this new wallet is dustproof and waterproof with extending its durability.

Helps to keep remote attacks away

ELLIPAL titan is a complete air-gapped device exactly like the previous model. The hardware that is air-gapped is basically isolated from any connection of networks such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, USB and NFC. This feature helps to keep the private keys of the user discreet. Transfer of information between the cold wallet and App is done only through the QR codes. Not only this, it is convenient to just scan QR codes, but also it is ELLIPAL’s greatest security advantage preventing it from every network attack. Along with this ELLIPAL adds an extra layer of security with multiple verification steps and passcode.

Providing best user experience

One of the best specifications of ELLIPAL Titan’s is that they offer better security since the previous model was incredibly easy to use. The mobile app that works in coordination with the ELLIPAL Titan enables users to handle their coins anywhere and anytime. It is not required to be connected to the PC for this. The one-stop app offers all essential functions for a block chain investor: market quotes, trade, news, staking and earning. In comparison to a conventional hardware wallet, ELLIPAL titan has a giant touch screen with a dark mode that helps users conveniently use all functions and verify all transactions by simply clicking on the colored screen.

ELLIPAL’s first-generation cold wallet was introduced in the market in 2018 and quickly received great acclaim from users from different parts of the world and was shipped to many other countries. Thus, it is one of the best cryptocurrency cold storage wallets.

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