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ELLIPAL Titan Mini Vs ELLIPAL Titan, what's the difference?

ELLIPAL is a brand known for its air-gapped hardware wallets, which are devices designed to securely store and manage cryptocurrency assets. Two of their popular models are the ELLIPAL Titan Mini and the ELLIPAL Titan. In this blog post, we will compare and contrast these two best cold wallet models to help you decide which one is the best fit for your needs.

What is a Cold Wallet?

A cold wallet, also known as a cold storage wallet, is a type of cryptocurrency wallet that is used to store assets offline. The main advantage of using a cold wallet is that it provides a higher level of security compared to hot wallets, which are connected to the internet. Cold wallets, or hardware wallets, are physical devices, such as the ELLIPAL Titan and Titan Mini, that are designed to store assets offline. They typically have a built-in touch screen and QR code scanner for managing assets and a built-in cold storage system for added security.

ELLIPAL Titan Vs. ELLIPAL Titan Mini


The main difference between the two models is the design. The ELLIPAL Titan Mini is a smaller, more compact version of the Titan. It measures only 5.5cm x 8.5cm x 1.5cm and weighs only 100 grams, making it easy to carry around. The design is also very modern and suitable for any stylish investors. The Titan, on the other hand, is slightly larger at 7.5cm x 12.5cm x 2.5cm and weighs 200 grams. It is more suitable for investors who prefers a bigger feel. Both comes with beautiful LCD touch screen that helps user navigate their crypto accounts easily.

Crypto Security:

Both the Titan Mini and the Titan feature a built-in cold storage system that keeps your assets offline and away from hackers. They also both have a built-in touch screen, which eliminates the need for a separate device to manage your assets. Both the Titan Mini and the Titan have a built-in QR code scanner, which makes it easy to send and receive assets while eliminating any needs for physical connection. The ELLIPAL Titan and the Mini both have similar security features.

Offline Security:

The ELLIPAL Titan Mini and the ELLIPAL Titan both has top notch physical security protection. They boasts anti-tamper and anti-disassembly security features that help protect your crypto against any physical attacks such as evil maid attack and supply chain attack. Both the ELLIPAL Titan Mini and ELLIPAL Titan will self-destruct once they detect a breach to help prevent any private keys being stolen.


The Titan Mini and the Titan are both compatible with a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. They both support more than 10000 currencies on several blockchains. Both devices can also be used to create and manage multiple wallets, allowing you to store and manage different accounts within one device. Every currency that ELLIPAL supports can all be stored under one account, making it easy to keep track of all of your assets.


The ELLIPAL Titan Mini has faster firmware upgrade compared to the predecessor ELLIPAL Titan.


In conclusion, both the ELLIPAL Titan Mini and the ELLIPAL Titan are high-quality cold hardware wallets that offer top-notch security and compatibility. The main difference between the two models is their size and weight, with the Titan Mini being smaller and more portable, while the Titan is slightly larger. Ultimately, the choice between the two models will come down to your personal preferences and how you plan to use your hardware wallet. If you prefer a more portable solution, then the ELLIPAL Titan Mini is the way to go. On the other hand, if you prefer a larger screen to navigate your cryptocurrency, the ELLIPAL Titan is your best choice.


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