ELLIPAL Version 1.7 Now Officially Released

ELLIPAL Version 1.7 Now Officially Released

Now supports XLM, TRX, BTX, BTG, DOGE

Soon, 2018 is about to pass. Have you achieved your goal this year?

The goal of ELLIPAL team is to bring a safer, easier-to-use cold wallet, and we have done it. Thank you again for all of your support and trust that made this happen.

Half month ago, we announced that this update will add more mainstream currencies, and since the launch of ELLPAL, we have listened carefully to each customer’s feedback and collected every opinions. Therefore, in this new version, you can experience the powerful new features and moving details.

Here are the main updates we have organized for you:

ELLIPAL Cold Wallet:

  1. Support five new currencies XLM, TRX,DOGE, BTG and BTX
  2. Support 12/15/18/21/24 mnemonic words type import.
  3. Added the function of mnemonic word import to select the path
  4. Mnemonic word customization, input the first four letters out of 2048 words


  1. Support currency XLM, DOGE, BTX, BTG, TRX
  2. Added advanced mode features for XRP and XLM transfers (Memo and Destination Tag)
  3. Added “max out” function for BTC, BCH, DASH and other currency transfers
  4. CCT can be redeemed and withdraw to address where the wallet is enabled.
  5. Bugs fixes

Get your currency protected with the first truly connection free hardware wallet with mobile phone support. Get your ELLIPAL.

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This devices looks AWESOME! Definitely going to get at least one but I was wondering if there are any plans to add Siacoin at some point?



Hello There,
How much is the unit?

Second question, are affiliates paid by PayPal?

Third question, How many days for affiliates to receive payments?

Please inform.

Sincere regards,
Kenneth Fax

Kenneth Fax

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