Get rewarded with ADA Staking - ELLIPAL

Get rewarded with ADA Staking

Stake ADA and securely receive ADA rewards in just a few simple steps using the ELLIPAL! ADA Staking equity pools are provided by our partners and you do not need to transfer ADA anywhere when pledging, just select an equity pool to authorize your pledge mandate and participate, with your assets still in your own wallet and under your complete control.

Before You Start

·       Make sure you have an ADA (Shelley) wallet address on your ELLIPAL Cold Wallet (currently only ADA Shelley supports staking).

·       Make sure your ELLIPAL Cold Wallet has the latest firmware version.

·       Make sure you have the latest version of the ELLIPAL APP.

·       Make sure you have enough ADA in your ADA (Shelley) wallet address. If you already have an ADA (Byron) wallet address and have ADA deposited there, please transfer those coins to your ADA (Shelley) wallet address first.

Staking ADA on the ELLIPAL

1. Open the ELLIPAL APP and find the ADA staking function as shown: 



2. Inside the ADA Staking page, select [Delegate] to stake; * before that please make sure you have at least 4 ADA in your account (if needed, you can buy more ADA through ELLIPAL’s coin buying fucntion) 

3. Select the equity pool you want to stake your ADA with [Ellipal wallet is recommended]. To learn more about equity pools please refer to.



4. Select [Delegate] and complete transaction signature process to confirm and complete staking. If your current account has been staking with another equity pool, you need to take back the current rewards before staking with a new equity pool.

5. The reward generated by staking can be seen on the ADA Staking page, select [Receive rewards] and complete transaction signing to deposit your reward back to the current ADA wallet account.

6. On the ADA Staking page you can see the pool that you are staking with. When you do not wish to stake anymore with this pool, select [Undelegate] to undelegate the stake. 


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