Litecoin Sees an Upsurge a Day After Litecoin Foundation Announces New Hardware Wallet - ELLIPAL

Litecoin Sees an Upsurge a Day After Litecoin Foundation Announces New Hardware Wallet

Excerpt from Bitcoin News


On 10 May 2019, Litecoin Foundation (LF) announced its new Litecoin branded ELLIPAL Hardware wallet 2.0, which is a connection free cold wallet, keeping it protected from vulnerabilities such as cyber hacks and unauthorized access. As the news spread over the internet, Litecoin’s value saw a 14.33% upsurge which raised its price more than USD 80 apiece. Among the top 15 cryptocurrencies, the growth of Litecoin is the highest within the previous 24 hours.  However, all the major cryptocurrencies are breaking towards their peak values. The market witnessed a massive hike in Bitcoin’s value which reached about USD 6,940 on 11 May 2019.

The ELLIPAL wallet uses QR codes to transfer information between the hardware wallet and the app. It supports as many as 22 other coins and also has multiple security layers which keep it secured from cyber hacks. The official website reads:

“ELLIPAL hardware wallet is completely connection free and isolated from any network. With just a few scans, your transactions can be securely verified and sent to the blockchain without leaving any backdoor for hackers to infiltrate.”

In addition, the upsurge in Litecoin’s value is also associated with its latest adoption of, a hotel booking platform based on Blockchain technology. It had announced an association with Litecoin Foundation (LF) on 9 May 2019, in addition to supporting it in the future summit by becoming its accommodation partner. It also introduced its new #TravelWithLitecoin campaign which markets both Litecoin and Travala. This campaign gives the users a discount of up to 40% if they use using Litecoin wallet. This along with its latest launch are reflected in the massive surge of Litecoin’s value.

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