New Security Titan of 2022: Coolest but Most Secure Air-Gapped Cold Wallet, ELLIPAL Titan Mini - ELLIPAL

New Security Titan of 2022: Coolest but Most Secure Air-Gapped Cold Wallet, ELLIPAL Titan Mini

2022 has been a year of many crises and unexpected events in cryptocurrency. These crises have affected exchanges more than any other. We've seen exchanges delisting major currencies, blocking withdrawals, and even facing bankruptcy. Unpredictable actions from exchanges have put billions of investors' assets at massive risk. 

Many investors have already turned to hardware wallets to secure their cryptocurrency. Hardware wallets give investors full control of their assets, keep them secure from hackers, and still provide exceptional tools for trading.

The Exciting, New, ELLIPAL Titan Mini - The Ultimate Cold Wallet at Your Fingertips

ELLIPAL Titan Mini Cold Wallet is the most portable, easy-to-use, and secure hardware wallet you can get in 2022. With its air-gapped and fully metal seal design, it is created to keep your cryptocurrency secure from both online and offline threats. 


Unparalleled Safety - Protects from All Online and Offline Attacks 

Air-gapped is the ultimate protection for your cryptocurrency against online hackers. Air-gapped means that the ELLIPAL Titan Mini cannot connect to any networks or devices. No port or hardware allows it to connect to USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G, NFC, and more. Without any connection, any online attacks are futile. Furthermore, no malware can be installed due to no input ports available.


Without relying on connections, the ELLIPAL Titan Mini uses QR codes to trade information with the ELLIPAL Mobile App. This includes synchronizing the public keys and signing transactions. ELLIPAL assures you that the QR code will not contain any private keys information. However, even if the user does not trust ELLIPAL on this claim, they can scan the QR codes and see for themselves because it is Trustless Trust - Trust in the technology, no need to trust ELLIPAL.

In terms of protection against physical attacks, the ELLIPAL Titan Mini has the anti-tamper protection feature that will wipe every data on the device once it detects a breach. Hackers will not be able to steal your private keys because they will already be deleted.

Moreover, the ELLIPAL Titan Mini is extremely durable. It is impossible to disassemble the ELLIPAL Titan Mini without leaving obvious damages. If a hacker tries to disassemble the Titan Mini and install malware, you will notice it immediately. The ELLIPAL Titan Mini is anti-disassembly.

Apart from hardware and software that helps protect your crypto, personal security is also important. The ELLIPAL Titan Mini has a 2-Factor Authentication system. To be able to send out a transaction, you must first be able to unlock 2 passwords. The ELLIPAL Titan Mini also provides total offline firmware updates to stay air-gapped at all times. Last but not least, the ELLIPAL Titan Mini has a unique feature that lets you create a fake account that shows up while inputting an alternate password. This is useful for keeping your main account safe while under gunpoint.

Be a Trend Setter 

The design of the ELLIPAL Titan Mini will make you want to keep using it. We know it does not contribute to security but the design is too good to not mention. With crystal clear 2.4 x 2.4 inches screen, inverted triangle camera, smooth edges, unique charging head, you will feel like the coolest investor around.

It is not just about being cool, as an investor, you need to be ready to make decisions at all times. The ELLIPAL Titan Mini is designed with portability in mind, with its mini size, it is extremely easy to carry around.

Easy to Use, ELLIPAL Titan Mini is Your Investment Partner

The ELLIPAL Titan Mini has all the trading tools you need to help you stay ahead of the game, anytime, anywhere.

Users can store/trade NFTs, invest in DeFi, swap currencies, stake, and more with the ELLIPAL Titan Mini. 

With more than 10,000 currencies supported and unlimited storage to store coins, the ELLIPAL Titan Mini is the perfect partner to help you grow your wealth!


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