Resolution of 2020 - Start Crypto Trading in Cold Storage Wallet - ELLIPAL

Resolution of 2020 - Start Crypto Trading in Cold Storage Wallet

If you are a newbie in crypto trading and have a tight budget to maintain, the hot wallets might seem convenient options for you. The hot wallets are internet-based wallet systems and in terms of setting up an account, accessing the cryptocurrencies and adding tokens for transactions, they are easier to use than the cold wallets. Coming to cryptocurrency cold storage wallet, it is a more secure option as you do not need to rely on the internet to make any transaction or other operations. That being said, the cold wallets are free from any online hackers, malware and technical glitches.

Cold storages although on the pricey side, come with superior portability, safety, convenience and greater user experience. Transaction on a cold wallet is safe, secure and reliable, it works without any internet connectivity which makes it the safest for your transactions. So, this new year, get unbiased on your choice of cold wallets because not only they are better options than hot wallets but also they are a long-term service provider with a one-time investment.

Security from Physical and Remote Attacks

secure cold wallet

There are many crypto trading cold wallets on the market –some of which are serving for many years now while some are quite new in the field but are getting popular day by day with greater potential. ELLIPAL Titan is one such cold storage wallet that is fully metal sealed as its exterior body is designed from a single metal piece. You can drop it in the water or use it in rain –the IP65 seal resists any external force like water, dust, and drizzles.

The sturdy hardware has an anti-disassembly feature that prevents it from opening with any deliberate force using a screwdriver, knife, hammer or other accessories. You can carry the cold wallet wherever you go and unlike hot wallets, you don’t have to wait for a connection on a mobile or computer device.

While preventing attacks from the supply chain or evil maid, the cold storages from ELLIPAL come with anti-tampering properties so that whenever a security breach is detected, the data is automatically deleted so that even if a thief manages to open the hardware, he/she ends up with a damaged circuit!

Crypto trading is most secure on crypto cold storage because of the premium security from remote attacks. ELLIPAL Titan, for example, comes with the air-gapped security that makes it isolated from any mode of connection, wired or wireless. No connection with online or offline devices can be established with the cold storage by using USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile data because it is compatible with only the phone app through QR codes which are generated anew for every transaction.

Use Cold Wallets Conveniently Wherever You Go

No one wants a bulky device to carry for crypto trading, especially when you are not indoors. Besides, it is problematic to get carry your computer everywhere or use your laptop at ease in a crowded place or get Wi-Fi and mobile data connection on mobile devices at a remote corner of the world. This issue never arises when you are using the cold wallets which are designed as pocket-friendly devices for better portability.

With cold wallets, you can check updates, exchange coins and check transaction history without the internet and at any corner of the world. As these are small-sized, none can take a peek at your personal details while you are using an altcoin or bitcoin cold storage wallet in a crowded area.

The cold wallets are user-friendly like Smartphones with their smart and mobile-oriented interfaces with a colored display that comes with dark mode for using at night. Charging a cold wallet or recovering your data or creating a backup is also easier and safe when you have a trusted cold wallet like ELLIPAL Titan. So, what are you waiting for? This new year, start your trading safety with cold storage.


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