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Role of Bots in Crypto Trading

Automated and programmed bots are used in the crypto market to monitor the value of coins, share the necessary information to follow any transaction and handle other tasks like filling up details to save the time of the customers. While being flexible and convenient to use, these bots reduce the risk of manual error and garner rapid processing of information to aid traders in earning a profit.

In your busy schedule, executing a number of cryptocurrency transactions manually might seem tiresome and is also prone to manual errors like entering the wrong address or data. To make your life easier, the crypto traders have come up with the bots having artificial intelligence that can make trading decisions automatically on the user’s behalf through a tailored algorithm. Often considered as custom-built or off-the-shelf bots, these have built-in program algorithms along with trading strategy created by a developer. Besides, a programming-expert trader can also build and customize with a crypto bot according to his/her job and also modify it when necessary.

How Crypto Bots Work To Make the Job Easy

The crypto bots access the data i.e. API private key and API public key of the account of the user to follow any transaction. From your crypto cold storage, the information of the two keys gives the bot authorization over the crypto account in lieu of the user so that the bot can exchange the information for any transaction.

⮚Through the API keys, the bot can find the latest data on the crypto market, place any trade for the user, exchange, send or receive coins and also keep track of the amount and history of the user account. Keep in mind that only the user can provide the API data to the bot and at any time can cancel the access by deleting the keys.

⮚The crypto bots have to collect the “balance” data from the exchange account and be able to “trade”. For both the steps, there are a number of parameters, matching which, the bot gets control over the account. At the same time, these bots almost never need access to fund withdrawal –if you face such, make sure to cross-check as such bots are often used by potential hackers to rob you of all the funds.

Features Of Bots To Consider Before Choosing A Trader

Unless you have handled the transactions, coins and private details of your crypto account for a significant time span, you would not understand the necessary features that an automated bot should possess. So, considering that you are a regular in cryptocurrency trading, here are the common features to look for in a company or individual dealing with cryptocurrency –


You should always go for the companies or individuals who are transparent about the trading strategies as well as the bots before you make a subscription of the services. It is even better if you are offered trials and learning procedures so that you can try the services before finally investing your hard-earned amount.


Do not fall victim to flashy advertisements or sweet talks of all and sundry traders of cryptocurrency; rather judge whether they are trustworthy by checking user reviews and the satisfied client list. Unless you find reputed clientele on the list, it is highly possible that the company has not incorporated a trustworthy bot.


No matter how efficient the cryptocurrency trading bot is unless it offers proper security during operation, you should not go for it. The Blockchains might be secure but the hackers are more creative in hacking. Choose a bot that makes use of a secure gateway to conduct any transaction.

Faster & More Efficient Execution

Bots are much more efficient at placing orders than humans. You may be able to place one trade at a time by hand, but instantly be able to place fifty with a bot. There are a lot of strategies that are simply not possible to do by hand. Manual calculation and execution would take too long and cause the opportunity to be missed. Increased efficiency and speedy workforce are the two most important advantages of using a trading bot for your crypto account.
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