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Smart Rewards and Super Rewards on ELLIPAL

More and more people are increasingly interested in passive income due to how easy it has been to earn some extra wealth without doing much work. Today, we got a super easy passive income method that you can set up easily on the ELLIPAL to earn some easy crypto!

Introducing Smart Rewards and Super Rewards by SMART Cash, a cryptocurrency that ELLIPAL proudly supports on our wallet. Not only now, users can store SMART on the ELLIPAL securely, they will also be entitled to very high yield returns just for holding SMART.

Watch the introduction to understand:



How to Claim Smart Rewards and Super Rewards?

Claiming the rewards are very easy and everyone with SMART should do it to reap the most benefits. It will involve sending all the SMART in your current Smartcash wallet address to the same address, twice.

Here's a video for hot wallets:

 For a cold wallet like the ELLIPAL Titan, the process is the same, only that you will need to sign the transactions manually with the QR code. If you are an ELLIPAL Titan user, you should know how easy and secure this is!

With your Smart cash on the ELLIPAL, click send.

Send it to the exact same Smart cash address as you are using right now, select MAX OUT before sending to make sure you send 100% of what's inside. (minus the gas fee of course)

Sign it with the ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet to complete transaction.

Repeat the process one more time.


Honestly there is nothing easier than this to get some free SMART, stock up some SMART on the ELLIPAL today and start earning!

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