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The Dangers of Physical Attacks on Your Hardware Wallet

Not long ago, another well know hardware wallet got hacked under test conditions, and it wasn’t the first one this year either. Among all these hacks on the famous hardware wallets, there is one thing in common. The similarity is that hackers must first have physical access to the device for a considerable amount of time. Therefore, it is within reason to get your coins stolen if you happen to lose your hardware wallet and not find out about it until it is too late.

ELLIPAL’s Unique Solution Against Physical Attacks

1) Anti-Tamper

2) Anti-Disassembly

3) Easy to recover

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How transactions work?
Transactions are firstly created on the App. The App sends the transaction information to the ELLIPAL Titan via QR code. The ELLIPAL Titan then confirms the transaction within the software using your private key and issues a confirmation QR code. The App scans the QR code, confirms the transaction and your crypto is sent.

The QR code is open source, You may refer

Customer service

I am aware of the two stage QR code to send crypto. But I only know of one QR code to receive. If I do this is my crypto on the ellipal Titian. Or is it just on the app. How do I know if something is on the physical device.

Nicholas Douglas

I’m interested

Damian G Medina

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