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The Relationship Between Metaverse and Blockchain

The concept of Metaverse is currently very popular. Do you know what it is and what does blockchain have to do with it?

What is the Metaverse?

In 1992, a sci-fi novel by Neil Stephenson wrote that as long as you put on headphones, an eyepiece, and connect them to a terminal, you can enter another three-dimensional reality simulated by computer. Everyone can have their own part in this virtual space in parallel to the real world. This virtual space is called "Metaverse".

In detail, the Metaverse is an virtual reality experience. Users can enjoy new experiences, social life, and entertainment, all in virtual reality. Its core lies in carrying virtual assets and virtual identities. Metaverse provides users with rich content, fair creation platform, reliable economic system, and immersive interactive experience. It is different from a normal video game, users can experience more in the Metaverse such as making friends, creating art works, and carry out many more virtual activities.

Nonetheless without blockchain, Metaverse remains as an simulation. Blockchain helps connect the virtual world to the real world. It turns the "virtual world" into a "parallel universe".

What is the relationship between blockchain and Metaverse?

The blockchain makes Metaverse into a parallel universe, and not just a simulation.

We have always regarded the virtual world as entertainment rather than real life. The main reasons are as follows:

  • The assets of the virtual world cannot flow smoothly in reality. You pay all your energy to become the elite of the virtual world, but you may still be very poor in reality. \
  • In the virtual world, your destiny is not in your own hands. If the server closes down, everything will be gone.

Blockchain perfectly solves the above two points, allowing Metaverse to complete the underlying evolution:

  • It solves the identity problem of users in the Metaverse by using the right confirmation attribute of blockchain. It makes everyone's digital identity in the Metaverse unique.
  • The feature of "decentralized value circulation" of blockchain can provide a payment and clearing system for the Metaverse that fits seamlessly with the network virtual space. You can rest assured to invest your money.
  • The transparency given by blockchain can reduce any illegal activities.

Can Metaverse be implemented immediately?

Metaverse may not be perfect right now. Currently Metaverse only consists of visual and sound stimulation. It lacks other sensory input of humans. If many people join Metaverse at the same time, the bandwidth may not be enough.

Therefore, the Metaverse will not only include blockchain technology, but it will also include VR/AR technology, artificial intelligence technology and many other technology to make it perfect. When we see that more and more technologies begin to connect with the Metaverse, what we need is to turn complexity into simplicity and really think and look at the Metaverse from its essence.

Metaverse is the opening of a new way of data transmission. Whether it is the connection between the virtual world and the real world, or the bridging of physical assets and digital assets, it is based on the free flow of data transmission. It is an era derived from brand-new data transmission and processing capabilities and methods, and blockchain technology is the most fundamental technology to realize all this.

In conclusion, blockchain provides the underlying theoretical basis for the Metaverse to become a parallel universe. There is still a long way to go before this concept can completely change our lives. Let's continue to explore and pay attention together.

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