Ultimate Security - ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal! - Best backup for your Hardware Wallet - ELLIPAL

Ultimate Security - ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal! - Best backup for your Hardware Wallet

Holding on to your private keys means having full control over your coins. Whenever you create a wallet, mnemonics words, a readable form of your private key, are given to you. Every wallet advises users to note it down on paper as it is the only back up to your account. Nevertheless, every year, we have people who lose or damage their mnemonic records, leading to losing all of their Bitcoin. If you are confident in keeping your mnemonics safe then good for you. If not, this article holds a solution for you to protect your life savings.

The Issue With Paper

More than 90% of the people write their mnemonic down on a piece of paper or in a notebook which they keep safe somewhere only they know. However, paper is still just paper at the end of the day regardless of how valuable it is. It does not sound right to leave your life savings of Bitcoin on a weak and non-durable material like paper.

Unless you can remember your mnemonics perfectly, you will still need a place to keep them safe without the worry of it fading away, getting soaked by water, getting torn apart and so on.

ellipal hardware wallet cold wallet


Go Metal

If your private keys back up are worth so much, why not keep it on steel instead of paper? ELLIPAL’s newest product - Metal Mnemonic allows you to back up your mnemonics, just like on paper, but on metal instead. Your mnemonics are now practically indestructible and it will last for generations to come.

As a hardware wallet company, ELLIPAL wishes to give our users an all-around solution. Not only we allow users to create a total offline wallet, but we also want to help our users keep a back up of their wallet safe without worries, in an affordable way.


ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet & ELLIPAL Metal Mnemonic

Introducing ELLIPAL Metal Mnemonic, A steel wallet made by the same team as ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet. It is justly priced and made with high-quality steel. Now, your keys are untouchable and cannot be stolen on the ELLIPAL hardware wallet while its back-up is also indestructible on ELLIPAL Metal Mnemonic!

ellipal hardware wallet cold wallet

Pre-sale starts now - The Ultimate Security Bundle Begins!


ellipal hardware wallet cold wallet ellipal hardware wallet cold wallet


Ultimate Security Bundle -

Purchase ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal together with ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet today to get $20 off on the Mnemonic Metal.

Keep your private keys secure and untouchable from hackers on the ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet and keep your back up mnemonic indestructible on the ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal!


ellipal hardware wallet cold wallet mnemonic

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wow me gusto el producto es muy interesante saludos sigan adelante con sus proyectos tecnológicos!!!!!


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