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What is Air-gapped Security?

The ELLIPAL Titan is well known for its air gapped hardware wallet solution but what does air-gapped mean and how does it contribute to security?


Air-gapped describes a state where a device or a system becomes fully disconnected from other devices and systems. It is the maximum protection for a device or system against hacking.


An air-gapped state can be achieved by isolating a device or system electromagnetically, electronically, and, most importantly physically - from other networks, especially those that are not secure. 


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Why Hardware Wallets Must Be Air-Gapped

Hardware wallets are used to store private keys and prevent anyone from stealing it in any way possible. If a hardware wallet can be fully air-gapped at all times, there will be no way for hackers to reach the private keys inside, hence being incredibly secure.


Not only that, if the hardware wallet is infested with malware, your keys will not be broadcasted out because there is no outlet. Similarly, hackers can never be able to control your wallet remotely because it's not possible to form a connection to begin with.



ELLIPAL Titan Is The Best Air-Gapped Hardware Wallet

ELLIPAL  Titan uses a unique technique of transferring information compared to other hardware wallets. While many wallets rely on USB and Bluetooth to sign your transactions, ELLIPAL Titan relies on QR codes only. Users can directly scan this visual information without needing any connections.


Thanks to our QR code technology, we were able to design the ELLIPAL Titan to not support any connections. The ELLIPAL Titan circuit board was made not to be compatible with Wifi, Bluetooth and cellular. Users can observe that the ELLIPAL Titan is void of any ports, blocking all physical connections. 


On top of this, the ELLIPAL Titan has anti-tamper and anti-disassembly features which protect your coins from supply chain and evil maid attacks. This gives a very effective protection against offline attacks.


The ELLIPAL Titan is fully protected against all threats at all times.


ellipal hardware wallet bitcoin crypto cold wallet best

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Dr Anas A Khalaf

I’m listing a project
https://tronscan.org/#/token/1002263 (paper_wallet)) p_w, to Ellipal. It is very convenient to use this wallet. Thank you developers.


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