Youtube KOL Competition - ELLIPAL

Youtube KOL Competition

Applicant qualifications:

  1. more than 5000 Youtube followers
  2. Youtube Location: USA, Canada, Australia,Thailand or European countries


  1. The best youtuber will receive a mystery prize
  2. Eligible youtubers will receive a free ELLIPAL TITAN + Mnemonics metal

How to apply:

Send E-mial to

  1. Youtube channel link and channel location (click on “About”in youbube channel and fill in the matching location)
  2. Recipient information: full name, phone number (including country code), address, postcode

Video topics:

You can refer to the following topics to make one video

  1. Review the video
  2. Instruction video -Beginner's Guide
  3. Comparison video between our products and other products 
  4. Our device connect with DAPP (Uniswap , Shushiswap, Compound, Aave, Opensea, Pancakeswap, etc) 
  5. Other videos that you find valuable, combined with our devices

Event dates:

12 July - 26 July, 2021

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