What should I do if I send ETH to ETC address by mistake

1. You need to recover your account via Mnemonics on Ellipal app
    a. Tap "add account ", import account ,  by Mnemonics
    b.  Enter Mnemonics , name and password ,done.
    c.  You will get a hot wallet.

2. Export private key
     a. Tap ...behind account name , Export Private key , select ETH&ERC20 tokens.
     b. Copy private key
     c. Tap "Add account " button,  import account
     d. Tap"private key" select ETC
     e. Enter private key ,name . password. Done
     f. You will get a private key ETC account with asset. then transfer the correct ETC address

3.  Delete the hot wallet , then Connect Titan with Ellipal app. The hot wallet will became back a cold wallet.

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