Warranty and Refund Policy - ELLIPAL

Warranty and Refund Policy

ELLIPAL offers warranty service for all of our devices and carry a full warranty for the period specified. Some ELLIPAL products carry different warranty periods due to the nature of the product’s design, manufacture or expected use, the warranty applies from the date of purchase by the customer.

Important: Please ensure the details is completed at the time of purchase and presented to the dealer for warranty service, otherwise your warranty may be affected. ELLIPAL represents and warrants that this unit and its accessories, under normal use for the warranty period,are free from error, improper or inferior workmanship, material, or design. This warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions:

If you believe your ELLIPAL cold wallet to be defective during the warranty period, please start by contacting at cs@ellipal.com with your order number. We will do our best to help you resolve your issue.

If we are unable to help you, you will need to ship the product back to us. Do not worry, we will give you all the necessary information when you contact us.

Please make sure that the product is still under warranty.

To submit a valid claim - please contact us and send us a video or video that can clearly proof your claim.

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