ELLIPAL Story from 2018 to 2024


Leader of air-gapped cold walet



Birth of ELLIPAL

David and Tong faced a challenge: all the hardware wallets they tried were tough to use, overly complex, or poorly designed. Frustrated but inspired, they made a vow: "We'll create the ultimate hardware wallet." That year marked the beginning of ELLIPAL's inspiring journey to revolutionize crypto security and usability.



World's first Air-gapped cold wallet - ELLIPAL Titan

At a blockchain meeting, David introduced the innovative concept of "Cold Wallet 2.0," which he termed the "air-gapped cold wallet." He implemented this advanced solution in the ELLIPAL Titan, establishing it as the market-leading, large-screen air-gapped cold wallet.



Upgraded mobile APP

Influenced by the global epidemic in 2020, the digital asset market has fluctuated violently. We kept building and added access to Dapps and enhanced the Swap and the Purchase service this year to provide users with more convenient choices and a better user experience.



World's first open-source generator - ELLIPAL Joy

Bitcoin's peak prices have spotlighted the need for secure assets. Responding, we launched the first open-source seed phrase generator, fortifying ELLIPAL's foundational security. Our expansion continues, reaching 140+ countries and earning endorsements from top coin communities like XRP, XVG, DGB, and LTC. ELLIPAL is now at a new peak.


Forbes Recommended

Amidst Bitcoin's fall, Luna's collapse, and exchange turmoil, self-custody gained prominence. The ELLIPAL Titan, highlighted by Forbes as one of the top 3 crypto wallets.

The new ELLIPAL Titan Mini, cater to this need with portability and sleek design. We now support 50 blockchains and NFTs.

ELLIPAL_Titan 2.0_Cold_Wallet


ELLIPAL Titan 2.0

We launched Titan 2.0, our smartest creation yet, alongside a new partnership with MetaMask, elevating user experience. These steps highlight our commitment to user-centered, intelligent crypto security.


Stability Milestone Reached

In our 6th year, we've achieved a significant breakthrough in software stability, conquering a challenge that has persisted for five years. With our user base on the verge of surpassing 1 million, we extend heartfelt thanks to our users for their invaluable feedback and patience. Committed to leading in security, we remain steadfast in our mission.