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ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet New Vs Old Generation

While most of the hardware wallets for cryptocurrency make use of the physical connections like Bluetooth, USB, hotspot or Wi-Fi to make transactions and exchanges, ELLIPAL has been a leading and unique cold wallet that relies on no physical connection. With the launch of ELLIPAL Titan in August protection against any physical attack and tampering has been prevented because it features the anti-tampering and anti-dissembling design with a totally sealed sturdy metal body that cannot be opened unless destroyed.

Even if someone is successful in destroying, the tampering detection feature detects any attempt of dismantling the device with brutal force and right away it deletes all the private user data. Unlike the older version, this new version 2.1 is also built with the most advanced security features. ELLIPAL Titan provides an additional security with durability.

It has IP65 certified waterproofing and dust-proofing to safeguard against water and dust. The new version 2.1 offers ADA storage, exchange and transaction support on the wallet and there is also Bitcoin Segwit available to solve scalability problem of Bitcoin, offer better security, lower fee, and shorter confirmation span. While the older version used 12-word mnemonics, the new version adds an extra word with two-factor authentication that works as a passcode to the recovery phrase. ELLIPAL 2.1 comes with enhanced UI through the “Finance” tab that lets the user have in-wallet exchange and secure exchange of the coins.

You can now set an exact amount on the wallet to receive the coins and this feature is a useful addition to the older version for the merchants who often get paid through cryptocurrency. Another best thing about 2.1 is the addition of numeric format to avoid confusion in recovering or backing up mnemonics. Finally, ELLIPAL Titan will have a connection to Decentralized Finance of DeFi.

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